Moving Out?

The Atlanta Thrashers may or may not be moving to Winnipeg.  Mostly because they have to find this guy first and make sure he’s sobered up:

Canadian Man calls 911 and demands to have Winnipeg Jets back

Apparently the move will be announced Tuesday.  I had a great (and very blurry) time at a Thrashers game in November, so sorry to all the ATL fans who will lose their team.

What do you think?  Atlanta of all teams?  I guess it makes sense, if you read this fascinating Forbes article about NHL revenue by team as of 12/10.

Forbes values six teams (Maple Leafs, Rangers, Canadiens, Red Wings, Philadelphia Flyers and Boston Bruins) in excess of $300 million and four teams (Nashville Predators, Lightning, Thrashers and Coyotes) at less than $150 million.

I bet the Lightning’s value goes up for next year…

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  1. I had a dream the other night that I won the lottery and bought the Thrashers, which is TOTALLY what I’d do if I won the lottery. I guess I should really start buying some tickets if we’re going to keep a team in the south.

  2. Cassy Reply

    It took a while to get here, but reading THN, there’s all this havering and huffing about teams all being moved around the WHL etc etc, a bit like musical chairs, leaving some teams with no homes in their cities, because they’ve moved a team there and all because an NHL team may (or may not) move to Winnipeg, which has got Edmonton all up in arms, not to mention the hockey players, who are all terrified of frostbite to their extremities in the ravages of a plains winter. As well they might be.

    Not to mention last I heard the Yotes might be moving, so let’s just say I’m all confused now anyway, but that’s not hard. Show me hockey statistics and percentages and I sorta tune out. I am easily confused.

    That sounds way too much like I know what I’m talking about or in fact a comment worthy of an email to the editors of THN/4th Period.

    It’s official; I have been hockeyed. Well and truly. I bleed black and gold. Nae hope left.