Foxy Friday: Pekka Rinne!

nom nom nom ... tasty goalie treat.

So I took my own advice and found a new friend! Not that I’m jumping ship on the Caps – but everyone here knows- I HEART GOALIES! And what’s not to love about this other Finnish snack PEKKA RINNE! I can now have a Miikka Kiprusoff-PekkaRinne sammy with a Cherrie in the middle! And that’s a lotta a goalie!

He can ROCK a suit. A must for a FOXY FRIDAY dude. Check.

I just love saying his name … PEKKA RINNE! say it with me: PEKKA RINNE PEKKA RINNE PEKKA RINNE!

For a long time I had to ask Mr. Cherrie, “Did I just hear them call him pecker?” or “Did they just call him a pecker? Because that’s mean.” and Mr. Cherrie would have to remind me that his nickname is Peks. Not Becks. That is another tasty sports treat.

Intimidation. Check. Luongo. In your head yet? I think so. You can't do this!

So this week’s Foxy Friday is a whopping 6’5″ and 205 lbs. That’s a whole lotta Fin. He was drafted 258th over all. Not a catch initially but a diamond in the rough and what a diamond! He’s SO AWESOME? HOW AWESOME IS HE DAWN? He’s so awesome EVEN HIS STICK CAN MAKE SAVES!

He is up for the Vezina Trophy this year and is leading Nashville to their first Stanley Cup Play -Off!

He's out-doorsy too! Can you club it in the head and cook it too?

So here’s to my new Foxy Friday Friend, PEKKA RINNE and I hope he goes far, but not too far. Just enough. He can win the Vezina and give Luongo a good spanking. That would make Dawn a happy girl.

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  1. Cassy Reply

    Can I just say Mmmmmmmmmm

    • dawncherrie Reply

      you up for royal wedding? hahahah

      • Cassy Reply

        Gawd no! Studiously ignoring it.

  2. Ohhh the Pekka! He’s my goalie for the ESPN Hockey Playoff challenge, replacing the flower for round 2. Who knew behind that mask was some dreamy eyes?

  3. You know what’s foxy? Double letters. peKKa riNNe. Chuck and I went on about this once – Tootoo, Ruutu…

    Go Preds!

  4. dawncherrie Reply

    Too Bad OOVVII doesn’t work for yoouu.. 😉

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