Herzlichen Willkömmen, mein bevorzugten Herren Sturm!

Warum ist diese männer lächelnd?

Das ist ausgezeichnet? Ja? The Washington Capitals picked up this German born hottie-BOOM-ba-hopefully-GOAL-A-LOTTIE from another one of my favorite teams, the LA KINGS off waivers right before the trade deadline.

A first-round draft choice (21st overall) in the 1996 NHL Entry Draft, Sturm is the NHL’s all-time leader in goals, assists, points and games by a player born and raised in Germany. Das ist wunderbar! Nein?

I'm going to Washington, D.C.!

Speed has always been Sturm’s calling card, but he is also a strong two-way player (did someone say TWO WAY) with a good shot and a high compete level. At the age of 32, he should still have some useful years ahead of him if his wheels haven’t deteriorated too much. Er ist sehr snell! Das ist sehr gut für das Capitals.

He has been out with tendonitis while with the LA Kings which might be a major concern but he seems like a serious competitor. I think he’s a good gamble for The Caps. A strong player with play off experience.

“… (LA KING) They probably didn’t think anyone was going to pick me up. One of their young prospects got hurt [Friday night] and might be out for the season so they will have to get someone. I don’t care now. I am all about the Capitals and looking forward to joining the team.”

Well, I am ALL ABOUT YOU! Guten Morgen,  GutenTag  und Guten Abend,  meinen Schöenen Mann!

See ya bitches!

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  1. You’re completely insane. The Caps put DJ King on waivers today but he cleared – where are they going to keep all these people?

  2. dawncherrie Reply

    Well, Ovi can have my bed, Sasha Fierce can have the other side with me in the middle, Mike can have the futon by the fire with Poe, Nicky can snuggle on the heated orthotic pet bed w/Moe (yes I said that and HAVE ONE) and Marco, well if he’s really good he can double up with Ovi and Sasha, we’ll make room! 😉

    • OMG. You put Mike and Nicky out with the cats? I think Moe & Poe are the only bromance in the world that tops Green & Backstrom. It’ll be chaos in the living room.

      • Cassy Reply

        Nicky and Fidget will end up spooning on the futon. The cats will turf them off the heated mat thing.

        Glad Marco’s coming back east. Stupid Kings didn’t treat him right then. Just hope his knee is better.., Pity he’s not coming home to us *sigh*.

        I’ll make room at mine if you run out Dawn; there’s a pull out in the living room and there’s a feather topper for it :D. Lots of room here for Laich & Fidget 😉

      • dawncherrie Reply

        I might put a nanny cam out there just for the blog! 😉 brown chicken brown cow!

        • Cassy Reply

          Your living room or mine?! 😉 I could say something about Fidget & Laich taking turns to snuggle. But I won’t. Oh wait….

  3. alexisfrisinger Reply

    my 8 yr old year stood behind and declared “boston sucks.” don’t know where that came from…

  4. Cassy Reply

    Still not a goalie though, eh Dawn?

    • dawncherrie Reply

      I know you will get this reference and you may be the only person I can say this to: DON’T MENTION THE WAR! hahahahahahah 😉

      • Cassy Reply

        😉 indeed Dawn and I wonder if you are a closet Brit sometimes? 😉

        • dawncherrie Reply

          I think I am and should be! HA! I love John Cleese. I met him once and he was so NOT funny! HA! Him and Rowan Atkinson. Neither one. Not funny. Go figure. 🙁 It was a dream come nightmare. Moral of story – never meet your idols. It will never turn out the way you want it to!

          • Cassy

            I met Coach Julien & Cam Neely, not to mention Bergy & TIMMMAAAYYY and it was amazing! Also this Rabbi too. But I know what you mean lol