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Who says the NHL is bias? Letting the Punching Pens off when J. Staal uses another player for a nail to hang his velvet Elvis? nah … If that were Ovi, he’d be on early vacation doing the turkey dance in his mankini! Do I need to post another picture of Ovi with out his shirt because I CAN?!

So this is what happens when you’re Westcoast hockey playing one of the WORST EASTCOAST teams and YET you still get it in the back end because your WESTCOAST. Read it and weep my friends but you still won’t care ’cause y’all kickin’ it east coast. I was watching this game going WTF! At least they ended up correcting themselves.

being touched by god has its draw backs

Los Angeles Kings defenseman Drew Doughty left Wednesday’s 3-1 win at Edmonton with a pair of assists. After further review, he wound up with a pair of goals instead. The first two of the Kings’ three goals were credited to forward Ryan Smyth, a former Oilers star who’s still a crowd favorite in Edmonton. Smyth got credit for tipping two of Doughty’s power-play shots past Edmonton goalie Nikolai Khabibulin. But Smyth said afterward he hadn’t touched either shot. The NHL reviewed the video on Thursday and agreed, crediting Doughty with his first multigoal game of the season.

Doughty had just 4 goals in his first 45 games for the Kings after getting 16 goals and 43 assists as a Norris Trophy finalist last season.

Does this second goal EVEN LOOK like Ryan Smyth touched it?

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