Foxy Friday….ermmm…not so much

So any of our loyal readers out there know that this blog – and this feature, in particular – tend to focus on the more beautiful aspects of the game of hockey.

Namely, the oily bo-hunks that play this game we love so much.

Patrick Sharp.  

Sidney Crosby.

Jonathan Toews.

Patrice Bergeron.

Patrick Sharp.

Oh wait, already said him.  Doesn’t matter!  He’s so hot, I had to mention him twice.

No no no. Too Sexy.

But for today’s Foxy Friday feature (yay alliteration!), I’m going a little crazy.

I’m going to veer of this highway of “hotness”…

…down the off-ramp…

For this week, and this week ONLY- Foxy Friday is going to known as…

Fugly Friday

Yah, that’s right.

These guys might not gracing the cover of GQ anytime soon, but they still play a pretty sick game of hockey.

Ian Laperriere

Is he face made out of silly putty?

Mike Ricci

Alex Ovechkin

Sorry, Dawn.  He’s an amazing hockey player, but really…I don’t get it.

Daniel Carcillo

Gerry Cheevers

The comb-over. The Jason mask. Not a good look for anyone.

So, do you have a player that you think should be on this list?  One who reminds you more of Sloth from ‘The Goonies” than Ben Affleck from “The Town” (FACT: BA never looked hotter that he did in that movie.  And I will fight anyone who disagrees.)

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  1. Chuck, you crack me up, you really do! But… outstanding post! Fugly Friday = 😀

  2. Katrina Reply

    Oh my goodness. I LOVE you ladies so much. Every post puts a huge smile on my face. Today’s Fugly Friday is awesome. Thank you for creating this blog.

    • Thank you for reading this blog.

      It’s because of fans like you that we are slowing taking over the world.

      Ya that’s right. Like Pinky and the Brain…

  3. Alli Reply

    Wow…Ricci’s face almost made me forget about fantasizing about couples yoga with Brooksy…ALMOST being the operative word. That may last all weekend, honestly…

    • Did ya have to go there Alli? Like srsly? Cause there’s NO WAY the image of couples yoga with Brooksy is EVER leaving my brain now.

      Must. Look. For. Yoga. Books. NOW.

  4. Ugh! I was looking forward to Foxy Friday – but this???
    At least it’s salvagable by the holy trilogy of hotness:

    1. Ben Affleck in the Town (totally agree with you on this – I’ve rewound the scene with the
    pull-up bar so many times even my husband snapped at me)

    2. Jonathan Toews (really, I’ll take any opportunity to mention him – and THANKS for linking to his FF feature again – hello, nurse!)

    3. Patrick Sharp – I think he really IS trying to keel you, Chuck. He’s worth the double mention – and Joey had it right: “Do you think you can be as beautiful as Patrick Sharp?” John Scott: “Uh, no, Joey – not a chance.” Correct.

    • I’m a Ben girl. Pants is a Matt girl.
      Hence the reason for our lasting friendship.

      Hmm…Patrick Sharp…so purty…

      • I think someone should post a link to that interview with John Scott and Joey. Like stat. Srsly.

        • Your wish is my command! Stay beautiful, Chicago.

          • I could watch this clip all day, er’y day.

  5. dawncherrie Reply

    Ovi really? that’s too easy of a joke.