Foxy Friday: Hot Dads

Oh holiday season, with your feelings of family and togetherness.  There have been babies everywhere lately – my Thanksgiving, Christmas, office.

And my Twitter feed:

Too much?  Not enough?  Keep scrolling for more cute.

Rangers, Flyers… it’s not the kids fault. 😉

Parker Staal has his own Tumblr feed, thankyouverymuch.

Madison Quick could be our mascot. When she grows up, we have a feeling she’ll love being named after the mermaid from Splash!

This is Joe Thornton, in case you’re not Chuck.  She knows.

Baby skates.  Just stop it.

We have not seen a picture of Baby Letang yet, but rumor has it Marc-Andre Fleury and his wife are expecting.  Milan Lucic and his wife of the sparkly high heels are having a baby this winter too.  Happy holidays, everyone!!

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  1. jana Reply

    Look. I don’t want kids. Never have. But I fully endorse anyone who wants them and I wish them happy, healthy children.


    When I saw the pic of Sharpie with his daughter, it made my girl parts hurt.

  2. This post hurts all of the girl parts. Hot men and babies = #ovaryasplosion.

  3. Beth Reply

    Charlise Lundqvist and Landon Girardi, future couple.