I totally bought these!

I couldn’t help myself because unlike Pants, I <3 sparkly, bright, shiny things – like a magpie – or better yet – like Mike Green to Mariah Carey. Plus the total bonus was they were discounted and no comment from the peanut gallery about the Ovi shirt! Puh-lease

bright AND sparkly

There has been enough bashing today and I will give Max props for being hot – there I said it. He’s HOT. Even I can appreciate a hot hockey player as long as his mouth is, well, I guess it wouldn’t work if I duct taped his mouth shut – huh?! And he’s French, which is another strike against him but oh well. He is hot and I’ll leave it at that.

Hot for O'vechkin!

Besides, I won’t mention, that again, the only picture any one can find of Sidney Crosby is yet again, with a guy – a hot guy, but a guy none the less. Oops, sorry. I digressed.

I am now waiting by my mail box for my sparkly (which I HOPE is bedazzled with genuine Swarovski crystals!) Caps Lucky tank top and my Ovechkin Women’s Green St. Patrick’s Day shirt – which, if it’s coming UPS Ground – MIGHT be here by the next St. Patrick’s Day.

But that is another story for another day which I will only add –  I left on the NHL shop’s website because they bugged me for feedback.  BTW – I think they got a good laugh that day and decided to call me only to see if I truly existed as well as my dead, blind, crippled, paralyzed grandma.

Note from Pants:

I’m pulling editorial and posting this, because it’s too weird!  I am wearing the Crosby version of that St. Patrick’s Day shirt right now. Wonder twins activate?  For Jello wrestling during the Winter Classic?

fashion show at work

PS: You like that Matt Damon peeking over my shoulder?

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  1. Not just hot, but capital letter HOT. That is right, baby! I will see your wager and call your bet: Ovi is hot when he’s groomed, like in some of your Foxy Friday photos. But the Cro-Magnon man look is more Chuck’s territory.

    PS: Now you have wardrobe options for our Caps/Sharks game in Feb. I’m wearing a mohawk and painting GREEN LIFE on my face.

  2. dawncherrie Reply

    Oh … wardrobe options? or do you mean wardrobe is an option!? HAHAHAHAH ….I already have plenty of Olympic Ovechkin Russian wear to chose from, not to mention my Caps sweat pants that were specifically screen printed with Ovechkin across my ass! 😉

    • Um, I was totally going to have those made for you for Christmas! Back to the drawing board!

  3. dawncherrie Reply

    Yeah … Mr. Cherrie works in a screening printing on the side when he’s not on HNIC … LOL!