Road to the Winter Classic: Episode 1

Welcome to guest blogger, Elodie (@hockeyfied), who will be recapping EPIX’s Road to the NHL Winter Classic for us! We are very happy to have her. She’ll help you relive the show’s highlights and get ready for every Wednesday night. Reminder: If you missed Episode One (because you were watching Episode VII of something else!), you […]

Letang Out for Tonight

So Max got three games for his ‘Hamlet 2’ to Letang’s face . Fair or not, I equate to getting a traffic ticket in the mail when there’s no posted signs. Letang see-saws saying he thinks the three games is fair – having been -Shanna-hammered in the past – but doesn’t think Max is a dirty player. What […]

Oh No, Not The Face!

So of all the hockey channels I do get, I don’t get the NHL. I KNOW! So when the CBC switched over to the second coming of St. Sid and the Penns at 4:38 against Ottawa, I told Mr. Cherrie to get his half rack out because we have a new drinking game. Every time some one mentions […]