Swedish Meatball

With summertime and real-life work responsibilities and vacations, things have been a little slow around the WUYS office lately. We’re running at like 50%, not able to post as much as we want and Intern Jeff Skinner is totally being a slacker.  He thinks he’s all hotshot with his new fancy contract. We don’t care, […]

Am I the Only One?

As I’m going to see Dierks Bentley tonight, remember this?  It seems like ages since we saw a hockey highlight montage.  Or a Thrashers jersey.   When Chuck & I win the lottery, we’ll spend our days creating NHL-specific videos for every song on the Official WUYS Office Dance Party Mix. “I just met you… […]

NHL Awards: Hot. Mess.

Did everyone enjoy the Nickelback Convention last night?  The Awkard Turtle Unfunny Comedy Tour? There were a few bright spots, like Will Arnett.  Especially when he shanabanned Ovi for blocking Brooks Laich’s parking spot and sentencing him to ride on the back of Mike Green’s scooter. WHY CAN’T THIS BE REAL LIFE? While peering between […]

The Kid Stays in the Picture

So. Much. Happy. Hurrah for Gabe Landeskog on one hell of a game. After missing the pre-game skate with flu-like symptoms, he somehow managed to tough it out and score the game-winning goal (his 4th GWG of the season) versus the Kings in OT last night. When I have the flu, all I want to do […]

Shanabanned: Andy Sutton

5 games for this hit on Gabriel Landeskog. Mr. Shanahan does not like it when you mess with our Foxy Friday honorees. Click [here] for Shanabanned’s ruling.   

Foxy Friday: Gabriel Landeskog

hey all!  Chuck here with this week’s edition of Foxy Friday! — Here at WUYS, we do not discriminate.  We love all hockey players equally.  Young. Old. Canadian. American. European.  It don’t matter.  They’re all cool in our book. Today, we’re feeling a little cougar-ish..okay a LOT cougar-ish…but not in a South Florida-divorcee-white-jeans-wearing-white-wine-drinking-sorta-way.  We’re totes classier […]