Foxy Friday: Glasses

It started with this: from Geno’s Instagram Well no, our obsession with boys in glasses began long ago.  Maybe it was when Chuck and I got our own glasses, or when we realized that we a) are nerds and b) like nerds.  Glasses may be more cool than Coke bottle these days, but the allure […]

You'll Shoot Your Eye Out

I’m all for the old-fashioned let your kids play outside and get dirty, and yeah sometimes they get hurt.  They’re kids, that’s the way it goes.  But when it comes to multi-million dollar professional athletes: WEAR A VISOR. Martin St. Louis was hit in the face during Tampa Bay’s practice yesterday.  He suffered facial and […]

Say It Ain't So… Please! and Other News

Holy Whining Sidney Crosby! Mr. Cherrie gave me the shock of my life when I got home from work tonight tellingme he heard rumors of a trade between the Washington Capitals and the LA Kings. Pants can attest to the fact that I complain like Sid about the lack of defense on the Caps. The great, fabulous […]