Claude Giroux needed to count to ten (in French) before throwing this hit in last night’s loss to New Jersey:

What do you think – Shanabanned?  I would not be surprised.  Zubris has long since passed the puck and G seems to wait until after the shoulder hit is available, then go straight for his face.  Claude took a penalty for “head contact” on the play – it’s part of the “Illegal Hit to the Head” rule [link], I’ve just never heard it called that.  Zubris was not injured and had 2 goals on the night (GWG and an empty-netter).

The Flyers are down 3-1 in the series vs. New Jersey.  Losing Giroux for game 5… yikes.  We’ll see what Principal Shanny has to say tomorrow.  Can he suspend this face that turns even the best of the rest of us into idiots with traitorous tendencies?

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  1. I can slowly feel the world righting itself. Whether or not G is suspended (y-e-s in my opinion) I think the Flyers are going down. It’s part of the universe telling us the love for Parise is real, and a passing fad for Claude.

    Side note: just had a convo with a co-worker about the hit and *actually* referred to him as “Gingeroux.” This blog is taking over my life (and I love it).

  2. Now that the Shanahammer has been swung, I may be one of the only die-hard Flyers fans to say that I agree 100% with the suspension. Am I still bitter that Shea Weber used his opponents head as a handball against the glass and got diddly? Heck, yes. But G needs to find a way to center his chi and channel his very obvious rage in constructive ways…some of which are probably inappropriate to speak of here.
    I love my Flyers. I’d love to see them step it up and win this round. But the way they’re going about it now, they don’t deserve it.

    • Ajane Reply

      im another diehard fan, and i totally agree with you, G’s hit is dirty and he deserved a suspension. what shocks me is that its so uncharcteristic of Giroux to make a hit like that. this is whole series seems to have flipped the Flyers around, they dont seem to know what to do at this point. i can only hope that the suspension sparks something in Giroux and if ( and unfortunatly that’s a big IF) the flyers rally and win this next game, G will come in and kick some Devils butt!