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For a while, I’ve been secretly lamenting the sad lack of behind the scenes Bruins footage.  It seemed like every other team in the NHL was out there, posting juicy clips and video packages, giving their fans a delicious glimpse into their inner workings.

All franchises except the Bruins.

Perhaps they were and I just wasn’t looking hard enough, but at least that is the way that it seemed to me.  Other NHL franchises were using the immence power of the internet and social media and making their fans, new and old alike, fall butt-crazy in love with them.

To me it just seemed that the Bruins’ media relations/marketing/promotions departments didn’t get “it”.  And by “it”, I mean their fans’ deep desire and thirst to know the players on a level beyond what happened on the ice.  We are a city obsessed with sports and championships and social media, but there was something missing.

We all know that know that hockey players are some of the most down-to-earth, goofy, and humble athletes on the planet.  But the casual fan or the person who is just making their tentative steps in to the world of hockey fandom might not.  When you’re the #4 sport in the US and attempting to recover from a soul-crushing lockout, you need one thing – You need people to fall in love with you.

They only way to get someone to fall in love with you is to show them who you are – who you truly are.  Strip away the gloss and bring it down to what matters in this sport.  Grit. Determination. Passion. Personality.  That is how you are going to get people to love you.

Perhaps that is about to change.

On September 9th, NESN (aka New England Sports Network) will premiere a 13 episode series called “Behind the B”, giving fans a look into the life and times of the Stanley Cup Champs.  The program is narrated by Boston guy & hockey fan Denis Leary.

This is the first time ever that the team is going to be doing this and I’m hoping that this is going to be exactly what I’ve been waiting for.

BehindTheB - what will you see Click on image to watch trailer

My DVR is set.  And you know can expect some posts about the episodes on this blog.  Particularly about ,Adam McQuaid’s hair, Peter Chiarelli’s hockey genius, and Patrice Bergeron’s face.

Because it is perfect. Even Nash can’t help but stare.

For those of you not in the New England area, I really do hope you get a chance to see it somehow.

You might not love the Bruins, but I suspect that you might like them a little more when you get a chance to know them.

Plus they got Iggy now, so there’s that…



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  1. jana Reply

    I’m really hoping it’s streamed somewhere (on NESN,, etc.), and not just snippets. I WANT IT ALL. I’ve been hearing about it and definitely want to see it.

  2. Susan Reply

    Try being a Devils fan…
    Hopefully, some kind soul will upload it onto YT or something. I kinda have a soft spot for the Bruins, haha.

  3. Sasha Reply

    Wishing all over again that Seguin was still with the Bruins . . .

  4. Janelle Reply

    So freaking excited!

  5. Love Iggy but nothing – I mean absolutely nothing – could ever make me like the Bruins. But I can understand the excitement for this NESN show from their fans. I wish my favorite teams would do something like this or get a 24/7 series.