Only Weird if it Doesn’t Work

Today really got away from me – because I spent it recovering from last night, when this happened:


Dan Potash knows what news we can use.


Instant, full-volume inner monologue:


Outside the glass-slash-TV screen.


It’s a understatement to say  the Crosbot is off to a slow start this season. With 3 G and 7 A, his 10 points rank him 134th in the League. This from a guy who finished third in goals last year, and was only beaten on the very last day. The Pens, however, have turned around the struggle bus around and are now 4th in the East (8th in the League) with 24 points.

So what’s the most superstitious guy in the locker room League world to do?

He actually changed something. Is the world ending? Look outside. Have you seen any locusts today? How about frogs? If you see one, RUN. A plague may follow.

Even websites that are not this blog are talking about it:  Sporting News | Pensburgh | All of Twitter

From, hashtagged #hishairlookssuper90shere

From, hashtagged #hishairlookssuper90shere


I imagine Sid debating “warm-up helmet” vs. “peanut butter-and-something-not-jelly” at length. Perhaps he called a friend (John Tavares) who used graph paper to plot the pros and cons (John Tavares).  He didn’t just throw off his helmet in the tunnel and ask Duper to hockey-stick his hair.

Or maybe he did.

Either way, it worked. It even works with that mustache (er, in spite of the mustache). And it worked in real life, as Sid scored the game winning goal vs. Colorado. You know what that means.

hair 2

:: hair ruffle ::


Forever. Or at least longer than the mustache lasts, a girl can hope.

Full report at 11.

Full report at 11.


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