Foxy Friday: Tom Wilson

Foxy Friday has been known to possess great power, often resulting in immediate goal-scoring (You’re welcome, Ekblad.) and a general increase in overall hockey prowess. Hey, we strut a little when people tell us we look nice too! In the interest of using our powers for good, we turn a long-awaited Friday eye toward someone who could use the help.

Foxy Friday: Tom Wilson


Tom Wilson has been on the list for future Friday-ing since, well, since he was way too young to be on that list.  Aren’t they always? He had also been in the Capitals lineup consistently, spending time on the Ovi/Backstrom line, and some more time in the box for boxing.


Since December 23, Tom has been fighting that elusive illness we call “healthy scratch.” It bit him again Wednesday night in San Jose. Now, we’re not doctors, but we watch them on TV. And the only prescription for this is more Foxy Friday.

First, the good news: Tom Wilson is 20.

Wait, that’s not good news. He was born in 1994, the same year as my first car. It’s times like this that I enjoy my inability to properly process math.


He’s from Toronto, and is pretty much the future pool-boy-next-door of college-aged Chuck’s dreams: 6’4″, longish hair, looks like he could rock a mean flannel, chop down trees, rescue you in the forest – general woodsman duties. Not sure about the beard though, not on this babyface.


EPIX’s “Road to the Winter Classic” show gave us a look inside the bachelor pad Tom shares with Caps teammate Michael Latta.  These two are besties in the best ways. Vacation:


Guest star Foxy Friday: Liam O’Brien. Here’s another.


Slumber parties:


Twitter discussions of the English language:


wacky Twitter Q&A in which they agree with everything I have ever said:


Driving with expired inspection stickers and bulk buying ketchup. (In an unrelated story, @lm1485 and I once convinced our boss that ketchup was the Official Condiment of the Washington Capitals. WE WERE RIGHT!)


This & many more from

[More video: Tom’s game commentary, ride along with Latta & Schmidt]

I’ve met Tom twice, and he is the strapping, handsome, friendly guy with the reach to knock out an opponent that you imagine. You would have spent high school writing “Mr. And Mrs. Chuck-Wilson” on your binder, while your dad sat on the porch with a goalie stick (it’s Canada) to make sure no one snuck out (or climbed in. See: woodsman duties.).


How did we live before internet?


Did I mention Tom is Mr. February on the Capitals Canine Calendar? He gazes across DC offices from his softly-lit clearing in the woods (!), hair all glossy and holding not one, but two puppies! Only he isn’t holding them because why, why would they run away when Valentine’s Day is just arriving? This should be a Lifetime movie, where a nerdy girl who volunteers at an animal shelter meets the hunk of her dreams at a charity calendar photo shoot. Consider this my copyright.


Pupface says it all.


That puppy on the right is hitting the high note in “I Will Always Love You.”

Tom has played on the Caps top line. He fights too, rather often – I’ve seen more Tom Wilson fights in person than any other player. Maybe he’s trying to impress me., though I was more impressed by this one time he didn’t fight. (Against a Flyer, no less. What is happening to me?) And by this time he got KO’d by a Make a Wish kid. He’s been called the team’s “heart and soul” and the Caps have said they don’t want to “dull his edge” – but they also don’t want him turning the puck over, especially not during valuable Oveckhin ice time.


Not-So-Average Joes


Lately, Tom has also been instrumental in the Captials’ support of young fan Bensten Schone, who was hurt in a sledding accident. You can help too – send him some love using #prayforBman. See the Caps video for Bensten, and watch (we mean cry) as Bensten watches it for the first time.

Also, watch Caps announcer Wes Johnson’s awesome video.

The Caps are out west for the weekend (vs. LA and ANA) then in Pittsburgh Tuesday night, where I will not be rooting for Tom or any combination of the Washington lineup. Until then, may this Friday help a fox get his groove back.


What, you want more puppies?


Pocketful of puppy.


Like the puppy you missed in the bottom there?




Because I can go all day.


Puppyselfie. That does it.


Follow Tom on Twitter (@tom_wilso) and Instagram, and hopefully on TV during a Caps game soon.  Until then, enjoy this time the boys all went to see The Interview:


And where, while ‘working’ my real job, I didn’t get out of the shot fast enough.


Busted. (You bet I volunteered to work that event.)


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  1. Blahblahblah Infinity Reply

    Yes!!! Yes!!! YES to everything!!!!
    Thank you!
    May he get back in the top line soon and bloody a knuckle or two just to keep up his edge.

  2. Natalie Gerdano Reply

    I have been waiting for you guys to make my hubby a foxy Friday!!;)❤️

  3. Emily Reply

    YES. I have been waiting for this. I like to call Tom the Kris Letang of the Caps. They have very similar flow and scruff.

  4. Things that I’ve learned from this post:

    1. I most definitely have a “type”
    2. Hockey flow is the best type of flow (#2 is historical sexy time flow)
    3. This man-child is my everything. EV-EH-RY-THING.

  5. Kate Reply

    The picture of him with the puppies is straight out of teen girl magazine. Swoony, dreamy boy with floppy hair and puppehs. I mean, teen me would tear that out of my YM magazine and hang it in my locker.

  6. Kate Reply

    Also! Nice cameo, Pants!

  7. Fatema Reply

    Can you write a Foxy Friday on Lars Eller from Montreal Canadiens

    • Pants Reply

      He was on the list for a bit, then he did something dumb (not biting, but similar). Since I can’t remember what it was, then yes. We can.