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A snappy headline escapes me today, but the annual Pens & Pins charity event was held last night, and look who was looking good.


No surprise there.


PensTV has a video feature from the event. Everyone is always having so much fun, from the players to the kids. And who wouldn’t? Bowling makes awkward lumps of us all – except apparently Simon Despres, who owns his own bowling gear.


Work hard, play hard.


For most, even professional athletes, bowling is a great equalizer where success comes accidentally but often enough that you feel you might just actually get the hang of this someday. If not, there’s usually a crane game and maybe even karaoke.


Is it easier to bowl with long arms?


Not Geno, though. He’s a pro. He’s Grease lightning. He bowled two strikes in a row. [Video]


I am score.


How’d everyone else do?


I cannot work Snapchat, people.


Coach Johnston (who I think of as “Coach J,” as if he’s my own coach) seems like a kindly high school principal, guiding his charges into adulthood with calm and poise. I have the urge to ask him what to do with my future, so he can explain it in a way that makes me realize I knew all along.


Right, BSutts? Right.


Check out a few more photos at Make A Wish of GPA & WV. I leave you with this:


All that, and snacks too.

Donations to Make-a-Wish (still tax deductible through April 15!) can be made at


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  1. Every day should start with Crosby looking so glorious. The look on that kid’s face says it all.