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Hi strangers!  Sorry we’ve been a invisible lately, but the holiday weekend brought sunshine and beer even if it couldn’t bring our hockey teams back to the playoffs.  In fact, I’m not watching much hockey these days.  If your team is still in, I envy you.  If your team is out but you’re still watching anyway, I applaud you.  From my paddleboard in the middle of the bay.

Since it would appear summer has really arrived, it’s time to find other things to write about.  First up is the best thing currently happening on the internet:

LEGO John Tavares (legojohntavares.tumblr.com)


Oh yes.  An entire Tumblr of mini-fig Captain John doing hilarious and random activities, like getting a dog, building a sandcastle and, of course, celebrating Easter by destroying a NY Rangers egg.


Please consider three important things:

1) Someone made this.

2) That someone was not me.

3) No one told me about it.

Me finding this Tumblr was like Harry Potter finding out magic is real and other people can do it too.  This is my person.


This idea is especially perfect if you’ve seen The LEGO Movie, because you know JT91 is about following the instructions and being a team player and he undoubtedly gets ready like this every morning:


The John Tavares Tumblr tag is basically blank.  I know he’s been out ages but come on, people!  We’re never going to get Johnny T summertime suntan boatselfies if you don’t… okay, we’re never getting those anyway.  Still the off-season doesn’t mean you can just forget about people.


To the mind behind LEGO John Tavares, we salute you.  We understand you.  In fact, we invite you over for a barbecue and if you want to stay and be best friends forever, well that’s okay too.  The rest of you, remember:


We still can’t center things.  Blogworld problems.


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  1. Can we get a whole Lego Hockey man series? Lego Zdeno Chara? Lego Steven Stamkos? Lego Martin St. Louis (actual life size)?

  2. Aaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!! I demand a Jonathan toews with a realistically shaped ass! Come on, guys.

  3. Gary Howatt Reply

    Lego Tavares wouldn’t destroy a rags egg. He’d score a hat trick and then destroy a rags egg.


  4. That is freakin’ adorable. We’ve been so tempted to buy Red Wings, Sharks, and Penguins mini-figs. We could have so many excellent adventures with those! Fun must be always!

  5. Cassy Reply

    There’s a Lego Patrice Bergeron and I want it. Call it a late birthday present