One Away

It’s days – or Conference Finals – like this when I wish the Blackhawks were my favorite team.  Wouldn’t that be fun?


Winning makes me cuter.

I like the Hawks a lot, and they bailed me out of some frustrated west coast years when I couldn’t watch Eastern Conference teams.  But it’s not the same, cheering for someone you like when someone you love is out of the running.


Glorious, I’m sure.

That said, I do enjoy watching hockey when it isn’t trying to kill me.  Yesterday I took three (3!) separate cat naps during the Hawks/Kings game and I still didn’t miss a single goal.  This may be my superpower.  Or my dream life, where I am a princess who gets to watch hockey all day without performing peasant tasks like standing up or walking around.  That’s so basic.

Perhaps I could get a butler – anyone know a few unemployed guys?


Could you repeat the job description?

[Insert creeper photo of Crosby sleeping on a plane yesterday that I can’t bring myself to post, but I certainly will point at –> HERE.  I hope he made it to Nova Scotia in time to see @alisonsykora.  Also note, I was not the only one sleeping during the game.]

The Blackhawks won 3-1.  Jonathan Toews is a marvel of modern leadership and ability.  I get so in awe of him that I picture Crosby climbing the telephone pole outside to cut my cable wires.  After his nap.


Hossa and Saad each had two points.  It certainly wasn’t a one-sided game though: the Kings outshot the Hawks and 6 of their 26 came from Jeff Carter.  It’s shaping up to be a great series and better rematch of last year’s WCF, which Chicago took 4-1.  After all, this time they’re playing for pizza.

Full and funny Twitter exchange here.

Full funny Twitter exchange here.

Meanwhile, Saturday on the east coast, the Rangers beat the Habs 7-2.  Rick Nash finally scored (NYR goal #7, totally clutch).  The Rangers’ power play that went o-for-350 in the first two rounds (okay, 0-for-32-ish) had three PPG.  I don’t know how this happened and I don’t care, but I hope it never happens again.  Chuck enjoyed herself though.  Game two is tomorrow night – I will try to stay awake. has 236 photos of this game.  I’d rather watch 236 hours of the surgery channel.  Luckily in photo #1, this woman’s face:


Put on your war paint.

In non-hockey related news, the Rangers and some of the Tampa Bay Lightning attended Martin St. Louis’ mother’s funeral yesterday [link].  Such a sad story, it’s heartening to see so much support from his friends and teammates.  Not the photogs though, the idea of paparazzi at a funeral is gross.


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  1. capsfan22 Reply

    I just don’t know if I can get emotionally invested again. I mean, the adorable Habs are doomed if Price is hurt, the Blackhawks feels like bandwagon-jumping and I absolutely can’t stand LA or NY.

    I guess I’ll just get my hockey fix by watching old games and lurking on Tumblr hoping for new Paul Martin holding a baby and/or having a mustache pics. I like what he did when he shaved off the playoff beard:

    • Kate Reply

      I am kind of digging Paulie’s stache! It takes a special kind of guy to pull that off. The glasses and sweater combo definitely help matters.

      • capsfan22 Reply

        The English professor vibe counteracts the potential porn-stache creepiness. I give him credit for realizing that grey is his best neutral. As a fellow very fair skinned blonde, I only realized it last year when a friend told me I look dead in black and overly beige in beige 🙂

        • Kate Reply

          Another very fair skinned blonde here! Yes, beige is an awful color for me. Black clothing is very, very tough to give up though. :/

          Paulie definitely has a professorial vibe–there’s a picture floating around of him in a grey collared sweater that’s also a great, English professor look for him.

    • Kim Reply

      I’m so happy to know that there’s someone other than me stalking the Paul Martin tumblr tag.

  2. Kate Reply

    This weekend definitely made me realize that although I like the Blackhawks (darn you Jonathan Toews for being such a great, clutch captain! And little P Kane for being so charming!), they’re not reeeaaaally my team. I’m only mildly interested, as an outsider. In general, I’m feeling rather uninspired–as made obvious by this uninspired comment. Blaaah.

  3. Shanna Reply

    I think Brandon Bollig just became my favorite player ever! Who doesn’t love a guy who can laugh at himself?