Days Go By

I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend.  I embarked on a “No carb left behind” mission and managed to consume every jellybean within a 10-mile radius (that moved as I did).  Mostly I was drowning Penguins-related sorrows and the sound of “Letang” from my memory.


Anyway, let’s have a look at Friday (Day Three):

  • Canadiens: 4; Lightning: 1
  • Red Wings: 1; Bruins: 0
  • Ducks: 3; Stars: 2

No one wants to talk about theses.  They are depressing and also old news.  Ryan Getzlaf’s wife did have a baby girl, though, and Getz scored the requisite “welcome to the world” goal with his Iron Giant Helmet Extension on.


Saturday (Day Four):

Blues: 4; Blackhawks: 3 [Blues lead series 2-0]

The Hawks have played so much playoff OT over the past few years, it’s the only way they know how to end games.  Unfortunately these OTs are not going their way and they’re down 2-0 to St. Louis.  Add in the hit on David Backes that earned Brent Seabrook a 3-game suspension, the alleged comments by Duncan Keith and tonight’s game in Chicago looks to be all fired up.

I might dislike David Backes (a lot) but that is pretty messed up.

Blue Jackets: 4; Penguins: 3 [Series tied 1-1]

Did you know you can go to Twitter jail for sending over 100 Tweets in an hour?  This did not happen to me, but I may consider it again if the Penguins play the way they did Saturday night.  100 Tweets x 140 characters = 3500 four-letter words.  That’s about how many Alison and I traded via Gchat.  Alas, the Pens were still in a game they played terribly, which gives me hope for a Head-Out-Of-Ass strategy tonight.  The Blue Jackets… well, I yelled, “I HATE YOUR SKILL AND EFFECTIVE ON-ICE PRESENCE!” at least once.


Avalanche: 4; Wild: 2 [Avs lead series 2-0]

MacKinnon, Landeskog and Stastny had 10 of the 11 total points awarded for G & A in this game.  It felt more lopsided than the scoreboard indicated – Stastny’s goal was an EN, so the Wild were close for a long time.  Still you should be watching these kids to remember what fun feels like.


And Sunday (Day Five):

All the wrong teams (for me) won yesterday until the Sharks.  I was ready to write the day off.  Perhaps it was my punishment for playing Cards Against Humanity with a very mixed-age crowd and hearing my friends’ 70-year old parents say things I can never un-hear.

Flyers: 4; Rangers: 2 [Series tied 1-1]

The Flyers finalllllly won a Game at MSG (first since 2011).  Giroux’s gingerbeard is magnificent.  It was a comeback win for Philly, who were down 2-0 in the first.  Just remember: the longer this series goes the more potential to destroy each other.


Bruins: 4; Detroit: 1 [Series tied 1-1]

This must’ve been fun if you’re a Bruins fan.  I’m not, but I’d like to win a game by more than 1 goal (or at all) right now.  Misty water colored memories…. Chuck can expound on the enjoyment of Easter Sunday Bruins Victory if she’s got a moment.

Zdeno Chara, Brendan Smith

Canadiens: 3; Lightning: 2 [Habs lead series 3-0]

Let me tell you something.  This is a b$##@*^$ disallowed goal:


My first reaction was “Bleeeeeeeeeep!” and my second was, “I cannot believe I am cheering for Ryan Callahan.”  Ah trades, you make everything new again.  I wrote a whole diatribe on this call, then deleted it, went outside and vehemently landscaped my front yard.  Positive outlets for playoffs frustration!  In short, this cannot be called ONLY if it results in a goal.  It’s either a penalty when it happens or it’s not, regardless if it results in something important. This isn’t even my team.  I’d be enraged.  The Bolts might not have won, and MTL clearly has a handle on the series, but blown goal calls infuriate me like no other.  Especially in playoffs.


To add injury to insult, Steven Stamkos took a knee to the head.  He did not get up well.  Prayer circles were formed – and they worked (Easter coincidence? I think not.).  Steven returned for the start of the third period.

Sharks: 7; Kings: 2 [Sharks lead series 2-0]

Seven (7!) unanswered goals by San Jose.  I don’t think this game needs a recap. If someone wants to get in on the Sharks now, I’ve got a jersey and perfectly matching teal nail polish you can have.


What will tonight bring?  Three of the games offer the chance to go up 3-0 in their series (COL, STL, ANA) – we wish luck to the fans of the teams down 0-2.  Be strong and believe.  As for the Penguins game, you know where to find me.

flip table

Obviously we still cannot center things.  Sorry about that.


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  1. Sarah Reply

    Are you seriously offering a sharks Jersey? Lol I love them. Cmon they’ve got TK! Plus that giant shark head is amazing.

    Also, you should join the Pens fan group on g+. We are a lively bunch. 🙂

  2. That last gif describes all my emotions of this weekend. Seriously, the Bruins losing Game 1 and the Pens first win are the only good takeaways. Steven, I worry about your brain. Oh, and Pants you said it best last season – after Canadiens fans cheering about Stamkos getting kneed in the head: ZAMBONI THE ICE WITH THE BLOOD OF HABS FANS.

    • Sharon Reply

      As a Habs fan I was mortified by how the crowd behaved after the Stamkos injury. I’m glad he’s okay.

      Also, I totally disagree with the no-goal call. It feels good to win but we don’t want to win like that.

  3. I wholeheartedly support Lindsay’s Habs fan blood plan. Anyone who cheers at the injury of a player is a disgrace to hockey (and sport in general, really).

    And I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I was MORE enraged by that no-goal call in the TBL/MON game than I was at a Rangers loss I paid good money to witness in person. At least the Rangers have no one to blame but themselves (there were a couple of weak calls, but 53 minutes of TERRIBLE hockey lost them that game). The Lightning had the tying goal (and who knows what kind of resulting momentum swing) yanked away from them like a shady dentist pulling out your teeth without novocaine. And then right after that they let Price spend 2 minutes at the bench with an alleged skate issue during an icing? Just awful.

    Between that game, Lucic only being find 10 cents for that groin shot, the hit on Backes & the taunt, it’s been a pretty grim week of playoff hockey. I’m super happy for #Lumbus, though. Congrats on your first ever playoff win, kids. I’m just going to focus on that until things get less ugly around here. I need a hockey hug.