Foxy Friday: TJ Brodie

As the regular season comes to a close, we’ll start to remember and eulogize those teams that battled and bruised and sacrificed, but in the end, fell short of the post-season.  But before you reach for that pint of ice cream or in Pants’ case, that bottle of red wine (RIP Capitals), we have something that could cheer you up.

As I was combing through the Foxy Friday archives, I came to realize that out of the all the teams not making it to the Playoffs,the Calgary Flames are the only ones who do not have a Foxy Friday on their roster.   Other teams have a embarrassment of Foxy Fridays gracing their roster. The Flames? Zilch.

Edmonton had three.  Florida had one. Even Buffalo…poor sad, 51-point-getting Buffalo had one.

That changes today. You have TJ Brodie to thank.

Sure, the Flames might have finished 13th (out of 14 teams in the West), but at least they’ve got this guy.

Since 2010, he’s been up and down with the Flames but this season saw him play 80 games with the team. He had a very respectable 30 points this season (4 G and 26 A).  That’s gotta be worth some Foxy Friday points, right? That’s what I thought too.

His team is might be crappier than a port-a-potty at a chili festival, but he’s got some Foxy Friday potential, like….



A Beeker Face.

A wicked cool scar. (and a vampire hairline)

Safety always comes first with TJ.

The beginnings of an excellent playoff beard.

But alas…twas not meant to be.  Maybe next year, TJ.

In the meantime, we hope you and your fellow non-playoff friends have a great summer golfing, ski-dooing on Canadian lakes, and working out with Gary Roberts.

And instagramming/tweeting every glorious moment.

You loving on TJ? I bet you are.  Check out more about our newest Foxy Friday honoree here.

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  1. I could cut myself on that widow’s peak – love. Does he have more tattoos? Inquiring minds want to know (and see).

  2. Pants Reply

    Yes or no: TJ Brodie introduces himself in crowded bars and does not correct people who think he said “TJ Oshie?” (Maybe if he lived in the US.)

    Nicely selected, Chuck. That widow’s peak could make Brent Seabrook jealous.

    • Brodie’s got a widow’s peak. Seabrook’s got a widow’s peak. Brodie wears #7. Seabrook wears #7. I’m sensing a theme….

  3. Speaking of themes…3/3 comments so far relate to TJ’s widow’s peak. A+, guys.

    • #WidowsPeak

      4 for 4.


  4. NY Girl Reply

    So sad to see Adam Henrique head back to the farm so flippin’ early. Dang! I guess I’ll have to move to Hoboken!