Tyler Tuesday: Filling In

Chuck is on vacation and I am woefully unqualified to do this post, but I know @amy_gehring is skipping class in Europe and @wingwoman85 started her day on Australian time, so I can’t leave the world waiting.


The Tyler Seguin/Michael Del Zotto bromance that began Instagram-tastically with this:


Has continued both online:


And in real life:


The Predators had a three day break, and what better way to spend it than arriving early in Dallas for the NCAA Championship Game?


Let me be clear: I would not watch basketball if you paid me.  But I would watch it with these guys.

Tonight, you can be a part of Tyler & Michael’s Date Night as the Preds face the Stars at 8:30 PM ET.  Dallas is fighting for the last wild card spot in the west – they need to win tonight.  Will Tyler stay with Jamie?  Or leave him for DZ?  Drama.


Since it’s what Chuck would want, let’s assume the season that began with Tyler wearing a cowboy hat on my birthday [video] will live on into playoffs.


Tyler has a career-high and team-leading 36G and 46A for 82 points this season. The The Bruins are far from hurting without him, but he has rebounded nicely after being shipped off to Dallas.  We’ll see how far Texas can take him this year.


When summer comes for Seguin, that’s not such a bad thing either.


DZ’s pool hair… I can’t. [source]

You can spend it enjoying Seguin photos galore at shattered-lens-photography.tumblr.com and this picture of MDZ as a mermaid.


And after summer, there is always next season.


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  1. Sabrina Reply

    I thought you did a great job, Pants!

  2. Holy Mother!!! So gorgeous, especially that last video! Oh boy! Good job Pants, you have done Tyler Tuesday proud.

    • Kate Reply

      That video was ridiculous. My goodness.

  3. NY Girl Reply

    What’s with all those faux blonde Dallas women in scantily clad outfits?

  4. Cassy Reply

    Jesus. I….I…. (Yes, I am still alive). Not bad. ;). Fantastic job there Pants! Seguinista tshirts all round!