Control Yourself

John Tavares wants to control his emotions:


That is, assuming he has any.  I certainly can’t control mine – this ad campaign gives me the stupid giggles, defeating the obvious intention to hypnotize me with John’s voice.  I half-heard it while dozing off, but I’m suddenly inspired to buy a lot of shaving cream and an Islanders jersey.

Try saying, “I’m really excited” without sounding excited at all.  You can’t.  It’s impossible when we’ve gone from this:


To this in five months:

From @NHL

From @NHL

Aces.  It’s a Before & After when the before was pretty freakin’ great to start with and the after is just bam! – messy hair and boyfriend sweaters.  Not to say the pleats and belts have gone away – I hope not, honestly – but it seems like someone is reading this blog for fashion suggestions & approval.

And we approve.

If you’re going to be a part-time model, you have to raise your game (face).

On Saturday vs. Philly, John had a goal waved off because of a marginally, microscopically earlier penalty by a teammate.  He was furious (and rightfully so), but the outburst was so emotional that @DLF1021 and I laughed.  Remember that time in November he got an unsportsmanlike minor for yelling at a ref?  I forgot this face could do that.


John will be included in the first episode of NHL Revealed, airing Wednesday Jan 22. There are commercials for this in Canada, but I haven’t seen any stateside and I can’t find them online.  Just as well – I’m supposed to be controlling my emotions.

John *just* scored to tie vs. Philly 1-1.  Emotions not controlled!


With that John moves to 2nd in the NHL in points.  Get excited.

(By the time I got to post, the Flyers have scored again and John drew a penalty.  So we’re still getting there.)

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  1. MC Reply

    Part of me loves that man and part of me wants to douse him with a bucket of cold water to see if I even get a reaction.

  2. I’m 91% convinced anytime someone says “game” you follow it up with “face,” Pants. Or now you will. Also, the colour of John’s eyes in this commercial? I dunno, I’m mesmerized, hypnotized, into sleep. Maybe it’s the eyes, maybe it’s the voice. MAGIC.

    Fill in the blank. Raise your game….

  3. Heather Reply

    I think I’m falling more and more for him. I tend to giggle too…does everyone do this?

    • Kierstan Reply

      I don’t know about everyone, but I did…

      Also, the pic of Tavares with Weight’s kids nearly did me in. OMG my ovaries.

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