Weekend Update

We have referred to ourselves as JamesNeal.com in the past, and I think we’ve done a pretty good job cheerleading our favorite gingerbeard. Now there is actually a JamesNeal18.com and honestly, it rhymes.  The whole glorious homepage is a Real Deal rhyme scheme.  I cannot compete with that.


What James’ new official site does not have is a section dedicated just to this:


Or this:


So I still have some work to do.  The site does feature a Fan Club application that asks “Who is your favo(u)rite NHL player?”  I tried, I really tried to type “N-E-A….” but it just came out…


CROSBY.  Sorry James!  Lindsay said Stamkos, he’s not even on your team!

Speaking of the Penguins captain and this weekend, Crosby scored his 250th goal right on cue to prevent the Islanders from a comeback win.  (Er, sorry Tavares.  It’s crowded in here today.)


The mustache is still happening.


Don’t be afraid to look at it.


But down the bench, my favorite bromance was being rekindled in a big way.

Nealmobile had 2 goals and 2 assists on the weekend, including setting up Geno on a slump-busting goal to end a 15 game dry spell (worst of his career).  That’s what friends are for.


Geno returned the favor Saturday night with an are-you-kidding-me up ice rush delivered right to Neal’s doorstep.


Oops, wrong graphic.


See Geno go into the boards and James rush to his side?  My panicked reaction exactly.  Luckily Malkin was fine, just needed a little #18 TLC on the bench.


love you man

James had all the Pens goals in their game vs. Montreal on Saturday, sadly it was not enough to get the Penguins out of their own way and they lost 3-2.


Malkin was named the NHL’s #1 star of the week, with 1 G/7 A to lead all players. The Pens won 3 of 4 games and have 30 points, putting some distance between themselves and the Caps, currently 2nd in the Metropolitan Division with 26 points.

It’s Penguins vs. Bruins tonight, and a Penguins win would tie them (in points, but not record) for first in the East.  Chuck and I will be madly texting other people and ignoring each other obviously over social media, beginning at 7 PM.


See you there.

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  1. Amy Reply

    I love the little pat on the leg from Nealmobile. “It’s okay, Nealer’s here.” 😀

    Oh, and I didn’t see the whole game. What the hell is Sid doing crawling on the dasher like that?

    • Pants Reply

      Avoiding a too many men on the ice penalty. Or just proving that he can, in fact, lift that backside.

      • Amy Reply

        Ah! Thank you! Back that thing up, boy!

        • Actually, from what I read on Twitter, Budaj was on the bench messing with Crosby by holding onto his stick & not letting go. Damn Habs messed with him all night (PK, I’m looking at you, ya jagoff!!!) and that’s part of the problem with this team. If anyone gets under their skin, they’re off their game. Flyers know it, Isles know it, Postseason Bruins know it, and now the Habs do too. Ugh!!!

  2. If I had the regretsies about putting Steven as my favourite player….NOT THIS MORNING. WALKING WITHOUT CRUTCHES OR A BOOT. Less than two weeks after surgery. *drops microphone, walks away*

    Medical marvel, friends. 80 days until the Olympics.

  3. Stammer is a beast… so proud of him!!

    Enjoy the evening ignoring each other, Megan and I will be doing the same. She’s currently repping the pens at the gahden and I’m a little ashamed.

    • Pants Reply

      Hooray, Megan!! Yell some for me!! Chuck is there too, for the Bruins of course.

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