Foxy Friday: Paul Martin

Last Friday, I struggled to choose a Foxy Friday who was healthy and playing.  One man heard my plea, and so returned to the lineup that very night.  A real American hero.

Foxy Friday: Paul Martin


Paul missed two games to injury, getting back in the lineup on 11/15 with an assist in the Pens slump-busting 4-1 win over Nashville.  But Paul wasn’t done helping me out personally after just one game.  He’s not a halfway kind of guy.


That’s Paul with the first goal on Wednesday night vs. Washington, assuring that I would not look a total fool in front of my Capitals friends.  It nearly sent me tumbling out of the 400s in my Crosby jersey because I jumped up so fast (@raedanda may have pushed me a little).

penguin push

It’s been a good week for Paul, who reportedly will find himself on the Penguins top power play unit tonight vs. the Islanders.  It’s a big deal to replace Kris Letang, who QB’s Pittsburgh’s man-advantage and has 71 career PP points.  After a few rough years and endless trade rumors, Paul Martin is having a good year. [link]  Since Paul had been good to me this week, let’s examine a few other things he’s good at.

Looking pensive:


Wearing glasses:


Looking pensive while wearing glasses:


Age appropriateness:


Being American:


Being vaguely embarrassed by the style decisions of youth:


Making sure we’re okay when our boyfriend leaves us for another team:


Bringing us a new boyfriend for distractionary purposes:


Spirit Day:


Getting a tan:


Just kidding.  How about making breakfast?

Puppy cuddles:


People cuddles (a guess, based on this awesome #boyfriendsweater):


Paul, what do you think?


There you have it, a Foxy Friday to be thankful for.  We bet Paul, with his aforementioned American-ness and football skills, is probably a hit at Turkey Day too.  WUYS-tested, mother approved.


Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Hurray for the celebration of my favorite Minnesotan. Or as Pierre called him the other night – a nice boy from Minnesota who sometimes gets a little nasty.

    I have two additional foxy reasons to add –

    1. Babies –
    2. Having a beard and awesome hair while wearing glasses –

    I approve of this Foxy Friday selection wholeheartedly.

  2. bull girl Reply

    As a Midwesterner, I’ve been a longtime fan of this guy’s sharp wit and incredibly reliably form and function for the Pens. He is a remarkable player, a remarkable friend, and a remarkable man. #boutdangtime this unsung hero had his day in the sun. I’m so pleased and proud for him!

  3. Val Reply


  4. Always have to love a great looking ginger!! Megan’s love for his bromance with Nealer is unconditional.

    Granted Paul isn’t in it, but we thought you might like our most recent post about ginger beards… I mean, who wouldn’t love a good ginger beard?

  5. I live 10 miles from Elk River (MN) so it’s nice to see a local guy recognized for his foxiness!

  6. Vivi Reply

    Hum, no… No way…