Foxy Friday: Alexander Steen

Who the hell is Alexander Steen?

That’s what we said.

We’re used to seeing names like Crosby, Ovechkin, and Sedin atop the NHL stats page but then we see this…

Steen stats

And we’re all…

St. Louis Blues forward Alexander Steen has been tearing…it…up this season. He’s got 14 goals & 20 points so far.  Blues are 10-2-2  in what is proving to be a very hard Central division.

Central standings

Last night, Steen reclaimed the league lead in goals with the game winner vs the Flames and was named the #1 Star.

More stars than the night sky.

No denying that scoring goals is foxy but what else is there that makes our newest honoree worthy?

Born in Winnipeg on March 1, 1984, which makes him a very WUYS-age appropriate 29 years old.  Steen was drafted 24th overall in the 2002 NHL Entry draft by the Toronto Maple Leafs and in 2008, he was traded to the Blues.

He’s Swedish AND Canadian!  A combination of two of the MOST perfect male/hockey gene pools in the whole wide world.

He has dual citizenship and has chosen to represent Sweden in international hockey competitions. ( because Canada has an embarrassment of riches and Sweden has an embarrassment of attractiveness.)

Foxy. Each and every one of them.

He’s got an excellent hockey pedigree – his father Thomas is a former Winnipeg Jets star.  Papa Steen scored 817 points in 950 NHL games and now serves as a Canadian politician.

Steen, along with his family, created the Amadeus Steen Foundation which raises funds to enhance the well-being of children in Manitoba. The foundation was created in memory of Steen’s youngest brother, Amadeus who died at the age of two months from a heart condition.

He’s a dog lover and animal rescuer. Let’s face it – Hockey Players + Puppies + Extraordinary acts of kindness are our jam.

Much like us, he appreciates the fine art & skill of a good photo bomb.

We love a man who isn’t afraid to have a little fun.

His choice of sweaters makes us so so happy. Is there anything better than a guy in a fantastic sweater? We think not.

If we were Blues fans, we’d be pretty stoked right now.  Team is playing well and if Steen keeps on burying the biscuit like he has been, the road to the Stanley Cup Playoffs could be very lovely indeed.

Follow him on twitter at @Steener20

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  1. Those boys on the Blues have so much love for animals that it’s making me a complete puddle. Rescue an animal and you’ve pretty much won my heart. This Foxy Friday is also Warm & Fuzzy Friday.

  2. He’s reminding me so much of some one, I can’t place it. Oh. Ryan Kesler? But like a more adorable version?

    I am super excited about the Western Conference this season. As I am every season, but I dig that WC teams are killing it and getting noticed, even though they play after EC bedtime 😛

  3. Cute. And tattoos? I approve HIGHLY of this. Two Canadian thumbs up!

  4. Pia Reply

    You know, Avs are doing pretty great too… You should celebrate it with posting some Landy pictures (so I don’t feel guilty for googling them).