Hockey Halloween!

To celebrate Halloween, Intern Jeff Skinner wore his costume to work.


Just kidding, that cheater sent Ben Smith in his place!

ben smith

Jeff totally fooled us with this crap, like everyone in comic books and movies ever, and rode off on his Batbike into the night.


Guess he didn’t want to be the third part of our WUYS group costume:

Pants, Chuck and... maybe Carl Hagelin's free.

Pants, Chuck and… maybe Carl Hagelin’s free.

Not bad, Jeff, but the balloon is supposed to be heart-shaped.


Geno, your date is adorable but we were hoping for someone more… muscular. Like last year.

sid geno

Obviously Buzz Lightyear is all the rage this year – probably because these guys were born just before the movie came out in 1995.


Applause for Dougie Hamilton’s sense of humor.

Award for Most Committed goes to Nicklas Hjalmarsson.  Full makeup and this wig – he is selling it.  We’d rather have his wife’s wig (and never take it off).


Most Tumblr Friendly is, of course, Gabe the Babe.  His costume shopping will be featured on in Colorado and shortly thereafter right here on this blog. Apparently there was a dance contest.  Dressed as Captain America.

Nice knowing you, Earth.


The trophy (get it, hunting trophy?) for Most Creative Couples Costume is awarded to Andrew Shaw and his date.  She, like I , made her costume entirely out of things she already had.   Just add deer.


UPDATE: I LIED.  Shaw was outdone by his captain.  Jonathan, you could have picked any Dwarf, or perhaps even Prince Charming, but this is sublime. Accuracy in action.

Courtesy of our own Amanda & also

The Best in Show award has belonged, for the past few years, to Toews & Burish as Dumb & Dumber.  They’ve finally been unseated by none other than…

A sock money.


Chris Kunitz, Winner and New Champion.  I love how this fits, like a 5th grader’s sweatpants with elastic at every end.  Like a Sunday night run to Walmart you hope no one sees.  Top marks for warmth, practicality and overall dad-ness.  Please wear this while taking your small daughter in a princess dress trick-or-treating.  Just don’t go to Crosby’s – he probably gives out apples.

More costumes at The Sporting News.  Happy Halloween, everyone!

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    • YOU FOUND IT. I knew about slutty Snow White so I was expecting Prince Charming and even though THIS happened, I still quit life.

      • jana Reply

        Jess, This OBVIOUSLY means you still have a shot with Toews. If he’s not pulling off a couple’s costume with her, he’s totally not that committed to her.

    • Pants Reply

      Added and brilliant. My gosh.

  1. nafio Reply

    Don’t be silly of course Crosby doesn’t give out apples, that would be Doing Hallowe’en Wrong and he’s good at following instructions. The costume on the other hand…

  2. The world thanks Chris Kunitz’s wife for this. MERCI, Mrs. K!!!

    • The booties are my favourite part. I can’t even put into words how perfect and hilarious this costume is.

    • Yes, yes we sure do! Poor guy will NEVER live down the first-ever Sock Monkey Trick now (as if he was ever going to, anyway!)!! Love it!! 🙂

  3. Alexandra B. Reply

    KUNY’S OUTFIT AHAHAHAHAHA!!! it totally suits him of course, because he was the one who earned the hat trick where all the sock monkeys were thrown on the ice! (i was there, it was so perfect omg).

  4. snickerdoodlecupcake87 Reply

    I will pay good money to anyone who can produce pictures of Sid dressed as Maverick. Anyone?! For the love of God, I must see it, even though I know my life will never be the same again!

  5. Tracy Reply

    I can’t believe I missed Kunitz as a Sock Monkey until I read this! How did this photo not break the Internet? Oh, I know, it’s waiting for pictures of Maverick & Goose.

  6. Cassy Reply

    I hate that someone mentioned Crosby and Sutter as Top Gun yet all the pictures are AWOL. Not fair.

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