Maniacal Laugh…

I know we’re only two weeks into the season and this won’t last.  I know that I am jinxing everything by even pointing it out, because one of these teams plays the Capitals tonight and the other plays the Penguins tomorrow.



While I can, I have to enjoy this.


Even this Instagram photo of gratuitous ginger has no power over me today.


Meanwhile in the West… remember the west?  Before they playoffs?  It seems like a hundred years since I’ve seen these teams, but they certainly remember how to win.


The Blues were undefeated until last night too, when the Sharks beat them to stay flawless – and mildly insane.  Admit it, the Sharks are crazy people.  In a good, wildly-bearded and foul-mouthed way.


So, how’s your team doing so far?  Still feeling the buzz off-season optimism, or is the sleepy, “this is going to hurt tomorrow” feeling starting to creep in early?

I feel good.  But that might still be about the Rangers and Flyers losing.

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  1. This hurts, Pants. This really hurts. As a Rangers fan and a Giants fan, this is pretty much as bad as my life as a sports fan has ever been. I don’t even have the right words to adequately capture the bleakness.

    So, uh, Sharpy just had another kid. That’s nice.

    Yep, that’s pretty much all I’ve got. That, and vodka.

      • Thanks, Beth!

        But was I absent on Swedish cursing day? Obviously I’ll need some 1:1 tutoring to make up for that.

        • Beth Reply

          I was absent too that day 😉 1:1 tutoring is definitely called for.

  2. Lynn Reply

    HAHAHA! I feel exactly the same way about Philly! I felt a little bad for taking joy from their misery but man I hate that team. But not more than Boston. Sorry Chuck. It’s still very early but my Leafs are off to a surprisingly great start. The Pens are awesome as always and Crosby is rolling. The only team I feel bad for is the Oilers. Poor puppies! The Avs are surprising everyone. The Sharks are dominating too but they also started off that way last year…. Oh man, I am loving the season so far and pretty amped for Pens/Flyers Thursday night.

    • Pants Reply

      Sorry to say we will be rooting against your Leafs on Saturday night in Chicago, but that’s what they get for being ahead of the Penguins. 😉

  3. Heather Reply

    Can NOT deny that I love seeing Philly at the bottom of the entire Conference! Just hope our boys can skate into the Wells Fargo tomorrow night & do what they’re pretty good at doing there – WIN.

    Anyone see an update on Dan Boyle yet today? That was a NASTY hit & I’m praying that LaPierre gets Shanabanned for a LONG time!!!

  4. nafio Reply

    I’m a Leafs fan so I am wavering between wildly happy and waiting for the other shoe (*cough*Clarkson) to drop. It’s not like we haven’t seen it before.

    I also feel bad for the poor wee Oiler boys. They deserve a couple of nice wins. Won’t somebody think of the children?

  5. Abbey Reply

    Personally, I think my Bruins could be doing better, especially since we’ve been promised a better power play and have some talented new faces, but I will continue to be hopeful. I’m really happy that the Hurricanes are doing really well (how ’bout that Intern of yours?)and hope that they continue to do well throughout the season.

    My friend Nate is a Devils fan and he’s been taking bets on twitter on how many shootout rounds their game against the Rangers on Saturday is going to take for someone to win.

    I also feel a sense of justice around the Flyers being last in the Eastern Conference.

  6. Susan Reply

    I’m a Devils fan…
    I am very, very depressed.

  7. Kaitlin Reply

    Sad Flyers fan here. I’ll just be in the corner with my bottle of tequila, hoping that you really and truly have jinxed everything.