The Forever File

At the Caps game last night, I was hoping Mike Green would give me something to Monday about.

Did he ever.


Let me tell you what it looked like in person, at real-life speed.


At least in the end Mike was laughing:


Because I will be laughing every day, forever.


It’s just so…

pooh bear

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  1. Alex Reply

    That cat video is so perfect hahaha

  2. Marrek Reply

    Need a GIF of just him poking his head up from behind the boards.

  3. raedanda Reply

    We saw him at Kettler yesterday, and I asked him if he found the quarter he was looking for. He laughed and said, “I don’t know what was going on with me last night….I was a swingin’ mess!”

  4. Genuine Question: how do more players/trainers not get sliced open every single game?! Taylor Hall should be a lesson for everyone.

  5. He had a helmet on, so no concussion, but let’s gave it, he did look a bit …. Stuck