Summer’s Almost Gone

I cannot go away for one second!  It’s like Toy Story in here – I go outside and everything suddenly comes to life.  Where to begin?

#TeamEbs took over the NHL Instagram account and used the opportunity to make fun of Molly Ringwald.


Our favorite boy band also introduced an act at the Canadian Country Music Awards.  (All the things I love – hockey, Canada, country music – in one place.)


The NHL had their Media Day and Sidney Crosby took his hockey stick to the prom (again).


John Tavares was named the 14th captain of the USS NY Islanders.  Just when you think it can’t get more adorkable, he says “heck” in his speech, wears black shorts with black shoes and just about kills us all. (Press conference |  Interview)


He also did a… workout video.  That should be Rated R.  Hey!  I am not the one who says “explosive hip thrusts” fifty times.

Proof that JT91 is the nicest: Everyone says “Tavahhhres” while John says “TavAIRes.”  I bet he never corrects anyone.

Also, the Hawks went to a Bears game.


Resulting in the best Tweet of the weekend:

hawks2 (Source: @Drunk_Kane88, thanks to @Brn_idPensGrl for the send.)

The Penguins annual season ticket delivery happened.  This would need to take place with said Penguin being delivered to my house in an ambulance, then my mom could drive him home after the EMTs take me away.

As per usual, Crosby went to zero houses where anyone under 60 lives.  He did sweat his was handsomely through the attention.


What’s cuter than awkward Sid?  GENO!  I have missed you!  He is 12 feet tall and doesn’t brush his hair.  Those are some Russian jeans he’s got on too.  Who cares?!  I want to hug him.

You can see them all at the Pens website, including this moment where Neal signs a baby.


Speaking of Penguins, it’s JStaal’s birthday today.  I miss him.  Let’s all take a moment to wish the Canes a good season, and then eat some cake.

staal Jordan was our very first Happy Birthday post in 2010, and again in 2011.

This happened two weeks ago and I never even saw it – The Mike Green Clinic on What Shoes to Wear With Golf Shorts:

golf1Source: Twitter

Do you think d-men like Green and Seabs enjoy seeing scorers like Stammer and Bergy in the off-season?  One more from this tournament…

golf2More photos here.

That’ll teach me to go on vacation.  Just wait until the season starts!  I may not survive.  I’m sure there’s more right now but I must work because that Game Center Live bill is coming soon too.

(Who am I kidding?  Start that workout video again.)

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  1. MB Reply

    Check out the woman holding the baby that Neal is autographing. Is she crying? Because I would be…Just sayin’…

    • She *literally* cannot believe James Neal is signing a onesie because either can you? I can’t believe I just typed those words.

      John TavAIRes…your “workout” video? I kept trying to enter my credit card and it was rejected. The Islanders said that sh*t was available for FREE. MADNESS. Guess I’ll have to order a Captain John shirt instead…

  2. Rhonda Reply

    Speaking of the Penguins, why haven’t you ever perved on…, mentioned Beau Bennett? He is DARLING.

  3. The sock tan! Oh, I love their adorable awkwardness.

    And of course Sharp is the only one in jeans while the rest of the Hawks are wearing shorts that may or may not have been picked up off of the floor.

  4. Scarlett Reply

    I saw the tweet about James Neal and a baby and almost had a heart attack.

  5. Heather (HockeyValleyGirl) Reply

    James Neal, having pictures taken with and signing a baby. Pascal Dupis, playing hockey with a toddler. MA Fluery, playing goalie with a little girl in a cheerleader outfit. Geno telling a baby to remember his face because he’ll be back next year. Paul Martin cooing over a baby. Good Lord, if having another kid is what it is going to take to have any of the Pens show up at my house with season ticket, I’m going to check to see if I’m ovulating!!!

    • Deb Reply

      Watch those videos a few more times and ovulation will occur spontaneously.
      What is wrong with me, I hate the Pens and I’m a puddle of mush!!!

  6. Heather Reply

    Rhonda, Sunshine is in the videos, too! Also awkwardly chatting with fans & signing autographs, in Episode 2 with BSutts, Pauly, & Simon. Hilarious that he can’t get the golf ball onto the tee in the snow globe!!
    Time to bust this out again: O-M-GENO!!! “Why you in Turkey? Come to Pittsburgh.” Hahahahaha SO cute.
    Apparently, Sid also went into a fan’s basement Pens’ Cave & they said he came back upstairs looking impressed. After seeing his awkwardness in this video, is it ANY wonder that he’s the King of Awkward Pockets?!?!
    Happy Birthday, Jordo my love! Sorry I missed your day. I still miss that boy with all my little heart. It’s time to buy my JoStaal Canes shersey.
    As for the tweet, you KNOW I couldn’t let that one pass by without alerting WUYS to the awesomeness & hilarity!
    Also, despite the sobriety of today as we remember & reflect, it’s also the beginning of HOCKEY CAMP for my beloved Penguins!!! Couldn’t be more excited that the Boys are BACK!!! 🙂

  7. alysha Reply

    Could Geno be cuter? I bet he hasn’t spoken a word of English since June. He was so funny with his pieces of sentences. And he was 12 feet tall! Love that guy!

  8. Melissa Reply

    Gah!!! Why did I watch this?! I loathe the Pens but now you’ve got me liking Malkin …

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