Bienvenue Danny.

We keep saying #isitOctoberyet?!?! when really, summer has been great.  It allowed me to forget that Danny Briere is now a Montreal Canadien.


Don’t get me wrong – this is better (for me) than Danny Briere being a Flyer.  Even if it gave him a sad and that hurt my heart.  I could get used to an increased use of French language, lack of orange and the Lightning being my favorite team in the new Atlantic Division.

Plus it’s always fun to give Chuck a hard time.

dannyb3Plaid pants. He still loves us.

Here’s Danny talking about his first experiences with his new team [Montreal Gazette story].  Check out all the correct accent marks in the feature yet in the video, his name is spelled “Brier.”  Oops.

Also my affection for guys in polo shirts has reached an alarming level.


More from  I had also blocked out forgotten that Douglas “Crankshaft” Murray is now a Hab too.  Haven’t gotten past “the Penguins stunning playoff collapse,” as this article calls it.  Thanks for making sure that one still hurts.

dannyb 2

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  1. Briere in a Habs jersey fills me with all the rages.

    • Clearly there’s a player for all of us that incites this kind of a reaction. I know which one it is for me this season…

  2. My favorite thing about that video is a tie between all the related videos having Celine Dion in them and the brass band randomly playing in the background.

  3. MB Reply

    That’s sort of a muted plaid. I guess he’s taking baby steps into the plaid arena…