Foxy Friday: These Pants

Some weeks are rough.  Chuck has worked 60 hours already and it’s not even noon.  I’ve had a few days that I could have done without.  We’re all mildly panicking because it’s August and we need to wear every dress and pair of open-toed heels before the weather turns.  We are not tan enough, haven’t been to a water park and pluot season is almost over.  The clock is ticking.

So what would be a nice way to relax on this summer Friday?

How about chocolate truffles, golf, and Steven Stamkos in bright blue pants.

s4from Newfoundland Chocolate Company

The Official Pants of the Tampa Bay Lightning.  The only way this is better is if that mason jar is full of margarita.

Steven’s been playing a lot of golf this summer – he’s very serious about it and keeps a tee behind one ear.


Similarly ditched as he was at the RBC tournament, James Neal was air-drying his flow on the back nine…


While Steven was being interviewed about how to appropriately wear this summer’s neon fashion trend.

s3He’s doing it right.


These photos are from the Clowe Purcell Golf Tournament (as in RyanE and Teddy), which raised over $120k this year [link].  Well done, boys.  Check out the Twitter feed, @ClowePurcell.


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  1. ~ceej Reply

    Ill take Stammer in those pants any day and TWICE on Sundays. I think Neal needs to lose the hats. Much better to run my fingers through those lovely locks without, am I right ladies? Lose the lid, boy, you’re killing it for us! And… Can you “aww shucks girls” for the camera a little more? I wanna see more of that ink… Pleeeeeese?

    • TiaG Reply

      I’m with you, about Neal and those hats. There is a reason I don’t like hats. They hide those pretty eyes and smile. I love that ink, and I hope he gets more…

  2. “pluot season is almost over” <– PANTS I love you so much. I had to educate someone in my office about what boyfriend jeans, peplum AND cage heels are. FFS.

    Back to the boys. I'm with @ceej. More ink and less hats on James – like THIS:

    As for you, Steven, I don't even know what to say. Good thing you're so adorable. I've forgiven you already for having burned my retinas from your neon pants.

    • Pants Reply

      As a ginger with excellent skills in selecting favorite hockey players, that little girl is going to be writing this blog someday.

      • Her MOM was harassing the organizers days beforehand about how they couldn’t take photos with the players at the event. Perfect reason to have kids, right?

        • MB Reply

          That is not cool. But still, I am highly jealous of the little girl just the same…

        • Pants Reply

          Lindsay, you are not “her mom.”

    • ~still ceej Reply

      Nah. Forgive Stammer for he knows not what he does. Look at him carefully, children. See him radiating there? Hands so deftly placed on his hips? Mmmmmm. That’s some goooood shit. I’ve got sunglasses. Will wear. Will hide my smile as I see the imprint of his navel in that gleaming white shirt. I bet it hides the big old ‘S’ on his chest.

  3. MB Reply

    Ok, I have to say that I agree. I hate hats. I don’t wear them, either! Ditch the hat, James. You know, and the shirt. That’d be ok, too.

    • ~sigh... ceej Reply

      Can we start a campaign for him to go all “Magic Mike” on us? Just to glimpse that coveted ink? #nealasmagicmike. Yeah baby…

  4. Jocelyn Reply

    I wanted to Superman laserbeam eye that hat off.

    • ~ceejheartstoboyzzz Reply

      and the shirt. Both shirts. Mmmmmm. #bothboysdomagicmikeforcharity #forgetmikegreen