Magnificent Sevens

Over the weekend, things got very interesting out west.  First the Sharks and Kings repeated the Capitals/Rangers dance of winning every home game to take their series to seven games.


I hope the trend of that series continues… which would mean the Sharks win Game 7.  The Kings got to be bearded longest last year, let’s give the Sharks one more round to see what they can really do, okay?  I’m generally against repeating for the Cup unless you’re my team, which means I don’t want the Kings to win again.  I don’t want either of these teams to win it all anyway.  And I don’t have to make sense.

Look how excited this lady is – don’t let her down tonight!


After the Sharks staved off elimination, then came the Blackhawks.  From the highest highs of this season to the lowest lows of this series, the Hawks have certainly been dramatic.  Watching the Jonathan Toews equivalent of a sleep-deprived, sugar-induced Sunday afternoon at Target temper tantrum was the low point.  But we’ve all been there.


Sometimes you just need a friend who’s not afraid to barge into your room…


… and tell you that now is not the time for your Bachelorette meltdown!  Don’t be that girl who cries in the limo, Jon!


Now the Hawks have bounced back to force Game 7.  Is it Luck?  Perseverance?  Goonies never say die?  If I were betting on which team shows up tomorrow night – the Hawks from this year or the Hawks from last week – I’d bet on the Hawks (and the Toews) from this year.  Get it, boys.


These are the Game 7s that I love.  SJ/LA won’t rip my heart out either way.  CHI/DET could, but I feel lucky the Hawks are in it after dodging the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.

Now It doesn’t matter how you got here, it only matters how you leave.

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  1. I’ve been waxing poetic for days about how this Blackhawks/Red Wings series is the Pens/Flyers series of this playoffs – how the Hawks have had a chance to do something amazing, but have been playing too emotional, b*tching at the refs, not playing smart (Toews, I joke about trips to the sin bin with you but even this is too much). I’ve been telling myself for days that they’re blowing their amazing season and that if they lose, I’ll be OK.

    Wrong. False. I can’t quit you. The stress of these last two games is indicative enough. You have the fight in you, Hawks. Don’t let these Red Wings end what has been a memorable season, no matter how much we love Mike Babcock.

  2. jana Reply

    While I may not have followed as closely as I should have over the last two decades, I’ve been a Blackhawks fan since the early 90s. Therefore, I hate the Red Wings. It’s just instilled in me. I’ve been praying to the hockey gods that we beat the Red Wings. I didn’t care how we did it. Four games? Sweet! Seven games? Fine. Just beat ’em!!

    I barely sat down during last night’s remaining 10 minutes of game 6. So stressful. But what a game! I can only imagine what game 7 is going to be like on Wednesday.

  3. I have 2 things to say. The first is that I still cannot watch the HNIC opening from Hawks/Wings game 5 all the way through because that song + JToews = feeeeeeeeeeeelings.
    [reference –

    Secondly I literally have no words for that Seabs + JToews interaction. Because it is way too much for me to handle.

    • JEEEEEEEEESUS. I was watching these games while on a teeny island off BC so had streaming issues with CBC (shakes fist and growls) and hence missed this intro.

      God, rip out my heart, why don’t you CBC? Did someone steal Toews’ iPod and find the song most played on repeat? Ouch. Tazer for all the hugs.

      • jana Reply

        I’m apparently a sadist because I just watched that video again. The look Toews gives Seabrook as he’s coming up to the penalty box (at 2:27) is heartbreaking.

        Come on Hawks! Let’s exorcise some demons tonight!!!

  4. Lynn Reply

    Just stumbled on this site. Great job! I look forward to reading it every week. I also agree with you re: defending Cup champions. Like you, unless it’s my team, would prefer not to be the repeat champion. People think I weird but now that you said it too I feel I’m no so crazy. Can’t wait until tomorrow. It’s going to be good!