Foxy Friday: Brendan Smith

We love you guys.  Seriously.

I sent the word out last night that I was looking for Foxy Friday nominees and our twitter feed blew up with a ton of suggestions.

As I started to google them to ascertain their Foxy Friday potential, there was one that clearly stood out amongst the rest.

Detroit Red Wings’ Brendan Smith.

Let’s be honest here.  It’s the smile that did me in.

It’s just so happy and shiny and genuine.  You know that when is his smiling, he REALLY means it.

My heart just bursts with rainbows and glitter when I see it.

You see the ways his eyes crinkle up when he flashes that grin.  That’s when you know it is legit.

Also his teeth are perfect.  Sure some of them might be fake but if they are, kudos to his dentist.  I work at a dental school so I know a little something about teeth.

Thanks to the magic of the interwebs, I’ve been able to learn a bit more about Brendan Smith.

He loves Tim Horton’s donuts.

He loves knee socks.

When learning to skate, he’ll always be there to help you up.

 He knows how to work the beanie/hoodie fashion combo.

If you took him to a Jason Alden concert, he’d fit right in.

If you’re feeling sad, he’ll write you a poem.

Should you ever become stranded in the wilderness, you wouldn’t starve to death.


When his hockey career is over, he could get a job on late night TV.  He’s a natural…who also likes PF Chang’s.


Thank you for opening my eyes to the foxiness that is Brendan Smith.

I am forever in your debt.

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  1. Pants Reply

    There is a LOT of Zach Parise going on here, right? Also, I dated a guy named Brendan Smith when I lived in NYC. This was not him (this Brendan probably wasn’t even born then). Excellent suggestion, y’all!

  2. Definite baby Zach Parise thing going on!
    Love it!

  3. Maddie Reply

    And he’s a Badger!

  4. YES! I’m so happy my suggestion got picked (I also hope I’m not the only one who suggested him!). Such a babe.

  5. Nope…. nope… nope…. I cannot with a Red Wing right now.

    But… but… but…. so HAWT though, with his Pariseness.

    Damnit. I have a crush on every boy.

    • This is totally a throwback to Matt Martin being featured during the Pens/Isles series. No, no, no, NO! He is cute but we must resist Jess! Even if his smile melts everything on the inside.

  6. Angie Reply

    Great choice for FF! You had me at the lobster pic! LGRW!

  7. I’m a vegetarian and still that lobster pic is making my mouth water…

  8. Becca Reply

    I just can’t right now….that smile…the Parise-ness….
    And why is that lobster picture so hot?!

  9. Catherine Henry Reply

    We Hockeytown supporters are thrilled to have yet another guy who is not only shaping up to be a great player but a nice piece of eye candy to boot! Unfortunately for me, these youngsters make me feel like Mrs. Robinson–I’m old enough to be their mother. But hell, however old I am, I can still look, can’t I?

  10. Ashley Reply

    being that actual parise left my team high and dry and i’m mad at him, i am very glad to have a new parise that i can adore. hello brendan smith!

  11. jana Reply

    As a long time Blakchawks fan, I hate myself for getting behind this. But I can’t deny natural foxiness.

  12. Sinochick Reply

    I think we jinxed him tonight. 🙁

  13. Stephanie Reply

    I’m glad to see all of these Red Wings fans in the comments. Sometimes I feel all alone on this site!! 🙁

    TooToo and Smith were my favorite players this year (I mean, besides Pavel, duh), so I was really glad to see them in back to back FFs. But now I agree with Sinochick- I think you jinxed my team!

  14. Fatema Reply

    he is very good looking but have you thought od Darren Helm from Wings