Foxy Friday: Dan Girardi


Remember that time in late January/early February 2012 we went a little crazy and named a bunch of New York Rangers at Foxy Fridays?

Yea, well this guy wasn’t one of them.  We’re idiots.  Thank goodness, WUYS fan Brenda (@wishinonehand) is on top of it.  She is this week’s Foxy Friday Fan Challenge winner!  Check out her ode to Dan Girardi and his face below.

Nothin’ but a G Thing

To all 30 NHL GMs who failed to draft Dan Girardi, who’s laughing now?

dan laugh

The New York Rangers signed Girardi as an undrafted free agent on July 1, 2006 and since then, all he’s done is play his damn heart out. From 2007 through 2012, Girardi played an astonishing 408 out of 410 regular season games (plus 42 playoff games, but who’s counting?).  Danny’s minutes are hard minutes: he regularly plays over 25 min/game, mostly against opponents’ top lines and during the PK.  He blocks shots like a boss and comes back the next shift like it never happened, causing some to wonder: Is Dan Girardi a Mutant?


Super indeed.

Danny G made his first All Star team last season, which was very well-deserved.  He may only be 6’1″ and 203 pounds and had just 5G / 24A last season, but especially when Marc Staal was out with a concussion (and now with a horrible eye injury – get well soon, Staalsy!), Girardi is the absolute backbone of this team. Did I mention that he’s also an Alternate Captain when Staal is out?

dan all star Congratulations, Danny!  

But I’m getting distracted. You came here for foxiness. Where do I start?

Gorgeous big blue eyes that make the crystal clear Caribbean waters weep?


dan eyes

A cleft chin that Cary Grant (Ask your moms, whippersnappers!) would envy?


dan suit

Lips that are absolutely perfectly… ahem, I don’t think I can even finish that sentence on a family-friendly blog, but… CHECK.

dan head shot

Oh, did I mention that he’s a doting father to the cutest son ever?  Commence ovarian meltdown in 3, 2, 1…

I mean, I don’t even want kids and I turn into a complete puddle over this.

On a team stacked with an embarrassment of foxy riches, Girardi is a standout.

casino night Note from Pants & Chuck: asdfghjkl!

Seriously, can we please insist on full face cages? It would be irresponsible to destroy all this beauty.

dan suit2 Ssshhhh… Don’t talk. Don’t ruin the moment.

Do you need a glass of water?  We’ll wait.

Girardi’s hotness will stop for no woman. Don’t believe me?

What’s black & white and covered in grease paint? Girardi’s foxiness, of course.

dan eye black Putting the “classic” in Winter Classic.

Put him in your Aunt Joan’s ugly holiday sweater with a pair of cheesy shades – he’s still hot like fire.  Bonus if you’ve got SKIN TIGHT RED JEANS!

Merry Christmas, indeed.

Does he even sweat during workouts?  If he’s not, I am.

dan workout

Dan’s foxiness extends to his sense of humor and being OCD about neatness. All this hotness and he puts away his clothes, too?


How can you not swoon over a boy who loves Swedish Fish and Frosted Flakes?


I’ll wait while you watch that pelvic thrust a few hundred more times…

Dan Girardi, this week’s Foxy Friday.  #5 for the New York Rangers, but #1 in your heart.

dan clap

Pants & Chuck Note: Halloween?  Get us a phone booth, a cape and DG.  Stat.


Your post didn’t get chosen? Didn’t get a chance to submit ?

Don’t worry! There are still three Fridays left, so keep those submissions coming.  Entries sent for this week are still eligible too, while Pants and Chuck, relax, take long lunches and watch Intern Jeff Skinner rearrange the office.

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    Well done and totally a deserving Foxy Friday. He was on my short list for entries I was too busy to write this week. You did him more justice than I could have, I’m sure. And full face cages? HE DOESN’T EVEN WEAR A VISOR. It is criminal not to protect all that handsome. And P&C, we share a brain, clearly, as the only thing I was thinking while looking at the pictures was that he is SUPER Cavillian. *le grand swoon*

  2. Beth Reply

    Well done Brenda! Been waiting for a long time to see “G” make Foxy Friday. I don’t want kids either and when I see G with Landon my ovaries explode and I turn into a puddle of female hormones on the floor. G really is the man of steel on the Rangers, after all, he is BFF’s with Callahan, aka Captain America.

  3. WRAP THAT THING IN BUBBLE WRAP. I echo the statements – that is criminal. How does his wife let him go to work like that?? Shame.

    Ugh, these videos make me like the Rangers. BE STRONG FOR THE PENS. It’s a good thing HBO hasn’t released the 2012 24/7 on DVD or WHO KNOWS what would happen. There’s just a litany of beauty on the Blueshirts to choose from.

    • Ashley Reply

      i feel you on this lindsay.. as a devils, fan my feelings towards the rangers are obvious, but boy do they make it difficult with so many stunning men up and down that roster!

      and there may not be dvds, but the 2012 24/7 is on hbo-go 🙂

  4. Thanks, Chuck & Pants for making my day! I’m even more excited by this than when Brad Richards put one of my pix on his website. It’s truly an honor to be a guest on WUYS.

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