Foxy Friday Fan Challenge

Have you ever wanted to write for What’s Up, Ya Sieve?

Well, here’s your chance!


This month, we’ve decided to change things up a bit and let you write and submit your own Foxy Friday posts.  We’re calling it the “Foxy Friday Fan Challenge”.

Each week, we are asking you, our loyal readers, to write and submit your funniest, cleverest, and foxiest posts about who you think should be named the week’s Fan Foxy Friday.

Here’s how it’ll work:

  • Pick a player, coach, hockey related type person who you feel is most deserving on the Foxy Friday honor.   We’ve done quite a few players, so we’ll be looking for someone we haven’t featured yet.
  • Mantastic attractiveness is a pre-requisite (but it doesn’t hurt.) But general hockey awesomeness is a definite must!
  • Write your post.  Hopefully, you’ve read some of the ones that we’ve written, so you know what we’re looking for.  Be sure to include photos, gif, videos, etc to justify and convince us of your Foxy Friday selection.
  • Each week, submit your entry to by Thursday by 8PM.  Please include your name, hometown, favorite team, and twitter handle (if you have one).

I promise that Pants and I will review all the entries with objectivity and an open mind…but if you write about anyone on the Canucks or the Canadiens, you better have the goods to back it up.

Any questions?  Email me at or hit us up on twitter at @WhatsUp_YaSieve


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  1. Macy Reply

    I am going to try my hardest to write about someone who is not a Canuck. It will be difficult, but I have friends who can help guide my selection and write the post with me.

    • You can write about a Canuck but you have to make a very, very strong case of why they should be named a Foxy Friday. They must be worthy.

  2. So doing this!

  3. So… I guess that means no Hallsy part 2?

    Haha, just kidding.

    I have a shmorgesborg of (hot) hockey player stock pics and gifs if anyone needs the help. You may call me the Tumblr Queen.

    • You know what I need, Amanda..

      (And I promise to include Hallsy where I can..)

    • Sorry, no Hallsy: Part 2. 🙂

      We want to spread the Foxy Friday love and give other deserving players a chance to join the club!

      • Hahaha, I understand. Must let the other players have a chance at forming their own #Team(inserthockeyplayerhere)

        • I did notice, while scrolling back through, that #TeamEbs was named twice, no?

  4. Well, this is finally the excuse I needed to spend 4 hours in one player’s Tumblr tag…

    • When do you ever need an excuse for that?


  5. Pants Reply

    Look how handsome Matt Duchene is in your header, Chuck! It’s not easy to be photoshopped next to the King, but Matty is holding his own there.

    • I know. So handsome.

      Had to give Dutchie some face time since his Foxy Friday was the one that got us noticed by Puck Daddy.

      That face was the start of it all….

  6. Challenge. Accepted. I have… ideas.

  7. I got this. Ooooooh do I got this! It’s just going to take a couple Fridays to give it just the right amount of foxiness.

  8. In perusing the FF archive, I can’t believe Sid & Stammer haven’t been featured yet. I couldn’t do them the justice you could (and I have other ideas), but this really shocked me. I mean, it’s not like they want for love on WUYS, but just sayin’.