Caps Fan Appreciation Night

If there’s one thing I like more than hockey, it’s food.  Last night the Capitals Fan Appreciation Night had free hockey AND free food.

So of course we were in the front row.

caps rae pamRockin’ the Red with Rae and Pam

For this…


BAM!  No beard.  Hallelujah and also merci.  I’ll give you the hair, Greener, if you save the beard for the playoffs.


BTdubs, these were not taken with a zoom.  Where’s Harry Potter when you need him to “accidentally” make some glass disappear?

Then we could have taken care of this Caps second biggest grooming issue:

carly3 “You don’t like my flow?”

Other highlights included Nicky getting pissed because you said he looked like a woman in his roster photo:


But he had the fair Swedish curls going, so you took it all back.


Meet our new favorite Capital, Joey Crabb.  It’s a little unfair how much comic relief this team has.


Ovi told Elliot that his all-time favorite NHL player is Dale Hunter.  Oooh, burn.


Don’t get all funny and witty now, Alex.  I still don’t like you.


It was nice to see the familiar face of Tom Poti, BU alum and Caps defenseman who hasn’t played in two calendar years due to various injuries.  He may be in the lineup for Saturday’s season opener.


Neuvy and Holtby, our illustrious goaltending duo (Rae loves goalies):


At the end of the practice a few players answered fan questions.  Someone asked Matt Hendricks for his favorite Gangnam Style dance move – but Fehr claimed he didn’t know it.  IMPOSSIBLE, I say.

Luckily Troy Brouwer bailed him out:


We died.  The crowd died.  Completely overloaded with traffic, Twitter briefly changed it’s “overloaded” screen to a picture to that lasso move instead of the birds lifting a whale. Here’s the video.  TB20 really went for it, loved it long time, and will now be invited to every wedding in DC this year.

Here’s our view, complete with Rae and I screaming:

What do you think, Mike?


Amen, buddy.  Overall, a great night.  I couldn’t be more excited for hockey.

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  1. chelski Reply

    shoooot if I’d know y’all were going, I would have gone too! Serves me right for pretending to be too cool for school.

    • Pants Reply

      Any game, any time Chels!!

  2. OMG Troy Brouwer!
    That was brilliant!

    Oh, Tom Poti looks good. *fingerscrossed* for the season.

    Joey Crabb with the pouty, crabby patty face.

    Sorry Nicky, but you do look like a woman. When you have a very pretty face and then add long hair, you are bound to be mistaken for a woman.

    John Carlson’s hair is ridiculous. He has WAY too large of a forehead to rock the #longhairdonthair look.

  3. Carter Reply

    Troy Brouwer = A+ HUMAN