Foxy Friday: James Neal

Be honest.  At least once a week you look in the mirror and think about washing your hair.  It kind of needs it.  Like 60%.  You waver for a moment, then say forget it.  Because if James Neal doesn’t do it, you can go one more day.

Today is that day.

Someone pointed out last week that Nealer has never been a Foxy Friday.  Well he can’t have ALL the days!  But since it’s summer and Camp Biosteel is next week, I think it’s time to remind everyone that here are at, James Neal is mine, okay?  James Neal is foxy.

Let’s review.

He was a blossoming star in Dallas.

Even this one time he popped his collar.

James was acquired by the Penguins in February 2011, because Ray Shero and I have a deal in which he continually brings me gorgeous, talented gifts.

There was a tiny little, baby little hiccup when he didn’t actually score any goals.

Then he got a big one.  Consider the Nealmobile’s tires kicked.

Last summer, James worked really hard.

Biding his time, getting ready for the breakout.  Knowing he could teach the kids a thing or two about doing their hair.

Then, the 2011-2012 season arrived.  And with it, came everything.

Success.  Bromance.


Money and Longevity.

Fashion sense.

Er, well… some days.

The year didn’t end the way we would have liked.

But summer has been restful, if not educational regarding the appropriate color shoes to match white shorts.

Now we’re ready for back-to-school shopping.

It’s time to get dressed.

Get foxy.

And get back out there.  Let’s make some dreams come true.

James Neal, officially Foxy Friday.  And every other day.  Keep your elbows down, darling, and aim for 41.

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  1. Er’ry day be James Neal Day! YAY!

  2. I didn’t wash my hair today either in honor of this day.

  3. Just like I maintain Jason Spezza is “everyone’s husband ever”, James Neal is “everyone’s boyfriend ever”. Also, I did wash my hair, since we’re sharing. I didn’t get the memo.

  4. Heather Reply

    Yay for Nealer!!! He’s not quite as Foxy as Tanger or TSegs, but he’s still awesome. And, if PMarts gets traded, *I* will volunteer to cook his breakfast! 😀

  5. Kristi Reply

    This has been the best day of my hockey-less summer. Thanks.

  6. That gif of Nealer doing his hair very nearly hypnotized me. Love!

  7. Ashley Reply

    i’d be embarrased to admit how many times i’ve watched his episode of nhl 36. every time i had any female friend over my house for like 3 months straight, i would sit them down and make them watch it with me. naturally, every one of them adored him.

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