Some-Star Weekend


What is this gif? I've been watching it for 20 mins and I'm crying.

What is this gif? I’ve been watching it for 20 mins and I’m crying.


HI GUYS! Remember me? I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet and go over half a season of hockey that I’ve mostly missed. How does this happen? My life is like space in Interstellar, where time barely passes, while hockey and this blog remain on Earth, getting 80 years older every day without me.

So, All-Star Game?

Is anyone watching this? I kinda sorta almost totally forgot about it until someone mentioned John  Tavares’ pants.

@JennMJones531 to the rescue.

@JennMJones531 to the rescue.


That will get my attention, even from space.

Mixing space movie metaphors!! (Spends five hours looking at Matt Damon gifs.)

Mixing space movie metaphors!! (Spends five hours looking at Matt Damon gifs.)


So, Crosby didn’t get invited. That’s old news. I wrote a mental blog post called “10 Things Sid Can Do Instead of the ASG”, which was quite funny.  You should read it sometime when you develop mind-reading powers.  Or tomorrow, if I get around to posting it.

The newer news is Ovi and Toews are hurt/sick and also suspended. The NHL sure knows how to cry when the whole class doesn’t come to their party.


Truth hurts, ASG.


Alas, with no drunken draft, most of the fun is gone from the weekend anyway. The NHL has realized this too late and made some replacement efforts to attract our attention:

1) Made John Tavares captain. He probably suggested this Footloose-inspired sobriety nonsense, for fear a real charitable organization might think Ovi was actually poor and needed a new car. The paperwork on that tax headache!  But it does mean more camera time for Captain T and the Pleated Pants.

Does this data come in a pie chart?

Does this data come in a pie chart?


2) Dierks Bentley. HOLLER. I love country music, and Dierks is a big Preds fan, and everybody likes tight jeans. He’ll be one of the celeb coaches at the game.

We would get drunk on this plane.

We would get drunk on this plane.


3) All the Foxy Fridays. Damn if they didn’t replace Toews with James Neal. The NHL knew I wasn’t paying attention and just waved a red ginger flag in my face.




Add that to Pekka Rinne, Shea Weber and all-time FF fave, Roman Josi, and the home team is, um, well represented.  Other Foxy Fridays on the roster: Jamie Benn, Matt Duchene, Patrick Kane, Tyler Seguin, Jonathan Quick, Patrice Bergeron, Ryan O’Reilly, Ben Bishop, Claude Giroux, holy crap are we there yet?, Evgeni Malkin, the aforementioned John Tavares, CPA, His Disney Highness Kris Letang, Ryan McDonaugh and Braden Holtby.

Answer: Making Pants hate herself.

Answer: Making Pants hate herself.


Note: Stamkos, #TeamHall and Nicky Backstrom have never been Foxy Fridays. This blog is a sham. Shut it down.

What kind of irresponsible journalism is this?!

What kind of irresponsible journalism is this?!


4) 3-on-3 Format. I won’t pretend to have an opinion on this, as I’ve watched approximately one OT period all season, but it sounds exciting. Top players + more open ice = more goals, right? But hasn’t the All-Star Game always ended in some Hobbit score of twelveses to eleventy anyway? Maybe the “last place in the draft” prize can be repurposed to the only player who doesn’t score a hat trick on Sunday.

Ovi wasn't picked last, but someone did give him a car to donate to charity.

Ovi wasn’t last, but someone did give him a car to donate to charity.


5) The John Scott story. Voted into the ASG by fans, then traded and assigned to the AHL, the saga of whether or not John Scott would appear in the ASG has been ongoing news. Yesterday, Scott published this first person account in The Player’s Tribune. In it, he explains how someone from the NHL encouraged him, even now, not to attend this weekend’s events.

SCREW YOU, NHL. Wrong, bad, stupid, and also, WHY? John Scott may be the only player who actually cares about this game, and you think he should stay home? Do you think the fans who voted him in should not watch? Oh no, you want them. You NEED them.

She'll be proud.

She’ll be proud.


Read the Player’s Tribune story. It will make you want to buy a John Scott jersey and stand up in your living room when he takes the ice on Sunday. I hope every player shows up wearing his name. You may not like Scott’s brand of hockey, but it is part of hockey. Scott may not be an elite player, but he is a player. Was a player? Will be an NHL player again? Who knows. But if you love the game, you have to love it’s scars.

So, see you guys tomorrow night on the Twitters to techno-judge the real skills at Skills Competition: hair, beard, sass? Our trifecta of All-Star Weekend talents.


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  1. I would LOVE to see all the players have “Scott” on the back of their jerseys!!! Ahem – our Pens’ Equipment Staff under the supervision of Dana Heinze are taking care of the Eastern Conference boys, so maybe we have an in?!?!? Those babies (all 4 of them!) will be VERY proud of their papa for his determination and standing up to the bullying of his bosses – as well they should be!!! Not a fan of his style of hockey, but i AM a fan of John Scott the MAN!

  2. Cassy Reply

    Everyone wear Scott Jerseys. Everyone.

  3. Sometimes I hate this stupid game. And that time is now, with the whole John Scott saga. The only consolation is fans TROLLING the NHL, buying up everything with “Scott” on it. Take that, f*ckers!

    Also, my brain couldn’t get past:

    – 10 Things Sid Can Do Instead of the ASG – POST THIS NOW PLEASE
    – Steven hasn’t been a Foxy Friday?? I mean with all the love you give him, he hasn’t been hurting for attention but still…my birthday’s coming up. NOT on a Friday (Thursday), but I’m just sayin’ 😉

  4. Merideth Leigh Reply

    Captain T & the Pleated Pants sounds like an excellent name for a band. Do we know if Tavares plays an instrument? I can see him playing a mean tambourine.

  5. Henriikkax Reply

    That pic of short haired Giroux has got me thinking, that getting up at 2 am to watch the skill competition might be a good idea. He is cuter than a bucket full of puppies!