Eskimo Kisses

With a NHL lockout looming, we have a feeling that we’re going to be watching a lot more college hockey this season.

I’ve been a BU season ticket holder for years now, so I’ve always been a big fan of the college game.  There are so many great reasons to watch college hockey (especially BU), but if you don’t believe me, just watch this video.

Two words for you: Eskimo Kisses.

This bromance between Ben Rosen (twitter: @brosen8) and Sean Escobedo (twitter: @seanesco21) might be the most epic in college hockey.  And you all know how we feel about bromances here at WUYS.

Not only do Ben and Sean (AKA Rosenbedo) give each other eskimo kisses but they sleep over each other’s houses, have every class together, know each other’s favorite snacks, and watch “The Office” together every Thursday. The list is endless.

Sean also reminds me of mini Brian Boyle (SANTA!), which we all know is not a bad thing.

The video is a little long (it’s a whole Newlyweds-style game show also feature former BU captain Chris Connolly and new team captain Wade Megan) but it totally worth watching if you want a good giggle.

There is something endearing to see future NHLers being completely hilarious and ridiculous.

Watch to the end and be rewarded.

Added bonus –  hockey players looking exceptionally fit in their t-shirts.


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  1. Definitely one reason I’m excited to go back to school. Being a student athlete means free hockey tickets. Makes up for the fact that UConn might get trouned now that we’re apart of Hockey East.
    Regardless, collegiate hockey wins all the adorable awards.

    • UConn is going to get killed. Sorry.

  2. mandy souders Reply

    Their celebrity couple name should totally be Escobrosen. Just because it has “bro” in it.

  3. Erin Reply

    This post made my whole day! Be right back, getting SUPER into college hockey.

  4. jana Reply

    It’s official. I’m moving to Boston to go to BU games. The video won me over in, like, 10 seconds flat.

    • BU games are so much fun. We have a great new rink that serves beer (!) and it is really exciting to watch players mature and develop who you know are most likely going to play in the NHL someday. I can say I knew him when…

      There are 61 former Terriers who have played or currently play in the NHL. 6 of them have their name on the Cup.

      They’ve also had 10 players picked in the 1st round of the NHL Draft.

      GO BU!

  5. Fit boys are FIT. Grey shirts for EVERYONE!!!

    Chuck, I hope you and your roomie don’t mind me crashing on your couch because I’m totally coming to Boston and I may never leave.

    Also, I bet you all A THOUSAND DOLLARS that these boys could not answer these same questions about their girlfriends. ‘Salright, because a good woman knows that she can never come between her man and his man.

  6. Kris Reply

    How have I never noticed that Rosen looks a lot like former Terrier David Van der Gulik? There’s a previous incarnation of this game show with the class of ’09 (Gilroy, McCarthy, Yip, and Smolinsky) if you search back through hockeybuzz, it’s in two parts. Or you can just google “getting to know the terriers.” Making McCarthy remember how many Gilroy kids there are was just cruel.

  7. Jessica Wargo Reply

    can i pleaseeee just thank you for this post? because i have just fallen head over heels for Ben Rosen. omg.