Our Post on Puck Daddy – NHL Playoff Beard Watch: Unsung Unshaven Heroes

The stage is nearly set for the ultimate NHL showdown. The Devils and Rangers battle it out at center stage while the Kings wait in the offing for their opponent to be named. It’s a long, hard fight to be among the last teams standing. Every one inch is earned.

This week, we salute the beards of some Unsung Unshaven Heroes. Marquee name or rookie sensation, it doesn’t matter what their contracts say now.

They fight on – and the proof of is all over their faces.

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511-plus minutes worth of bruises, stitches and scrapes

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  1. Amazing as always, my friends.

    Also “[Giradri]’s sporting 511-plus minutes worth of bruises, stitches and scrapes like he’s gone 2 1/2 rounds against the zombie apocalypse… “. He is SO Officer Rick Guy-From-Love-Actually! I can’t unsee it now! S’alright. S’all handsome.

  2. Tiffany Reply

    OH! i love adam! i’m going to marry him one day 🙂 kind of wish he grew his full beard like he did in the memorial cup. but oh well, he is hot and i am in love 🙂