What the What?!

Last night was bonkers.  The Devils scored three goals while I was making mac & cheese, then the Rangers got them all back.  The Rangers were bad, then great.  Brodeur had one of those moments, like in the back of a cab when you know you’re going to throw up and you have to decide: pull over or window?!

Then you don’t make either one in time.

In the end, the Devils put it away on a goal from surprisingly foxy Ryan Carter.  Where have you been all our lives?  New Jersey is now up 3-2 in the series.

Will Friday be the night we see this year’s other Stanley Cup contenders emerge?  Chuck says no.  I say Zach.

This post was just so I could use this picture.

I should have known that Pam (@itsalwayssunnyinnj) made this picture.  She is a girlgenius.

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  1. Sippy cups and juice boxes…yet another brilliant brain child of Pam. I think she deserves a WUYS Intern raise. Or a cookie