Foxy Friday: Craig Smith

Did you really think we’d forget?

Okay, so for a minute there, we might have.  Here has just been so much work and life and commotion going on in the WUYS offices right now, that you can’t blame us.

But fear not!  Your Foxy Friday is here!

A bit late, but as they say “Better late than never.”

This week’s honoree – Craig Smith from the Nashville Predators

The Preds are putting together a serious campaign to take the title of NHL’s Foxiest this season.  Mike Fisher. Colin Wilson.  Pekka Rinne.  And now Craig Smith.

This 6’1″, 197 lb rookie center is right there with them.  His stats in his first season rank him 8th among NHL Rookies (13 G, 20 A, 33 pts) and the kid is starting to make a name for himself in Music City.

Also, he has good hair and bone structure that makes Patrick Sharp jealous.

I'm coming for your title, Sharpie.

He leads all Predators with 20 pts on the road this season.  He’s second amoungst all NHL Rookies with 6 power play goals this season.  And his play earned him a spot in the on the Rookie team at the NHL All Star game.

Second in assists by a Predator rookie in a single season (20), behind only Martin Erat (24, 2001-02). He also ranks third on the Preds all-time rookie points (31) -behind Radulov (18g-19a-37pts) and Erat (9g-24a-33pts).  He posted three points in a game vs. Vancouver which tied him from second-highest total by a rookie in Preds history.

Not too shabby for the former Wisconsin Badger from Madison.  Craig Smith is most deserving of the Foxy Friday honor.

But life ain’t always easy for the rookie.  Especially when this happens.

Awkberg. Even Mike Fisher is trying hard to not to laugh at the kid’s misfortune.  You just want to hug him, make him a mug of hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows and tell him that it is going to be okay.

But you have to admit…it is sort of funny.  Horrifiyingly embarassing, but funny.

Also, some of you with a strange Edward Cullen fantasy might find this photo sexy.

Craig Smith has vampire teeth.

The only member of the Cullen Clan worth giving up your mortal life for.

(Personally I find Edward Cullen a creepy, sparkly, controlling pedophile boyfriend, but I digress.) 

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  1. Hahahaha, that second picture! I give people that look every day. Guuuuuuuuuuuuurl…

    • Add a “Heeeeeeeyyyyy” and you are ready to go.


  2. Scarlett Reply

    I must say, I am horrified at the failure to mention Shea Weber as a part of the Predators campaign to Foxy Fridayness. I can only hope this was an accident 😛

    Other than this sad, sad, lack of Shea, excellent post 🙂

  3. Gemma Reply

    That missed empty netter broke him for a bit but his boo-boo is all better now. As an unfortunate leaf fan, that may be my favourite moment of the season.

  4. Farah Reply

    Wellllll of course he’s from Wisco. That’s how we grow em back home 😉

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