Foxy Friday: Henrik Lundqvist

It’s official.

We’ve done lost our minds.

Commit us to the looney bin.  Get us some stylish straight jackets and lock us in that padded room with Justin Timberlake and his weird blond curly ‘fro.

Why you ask?

Well, first of all, three of the last six Foxy Friday have been New York Rangers.  Three!

What is wrong with us? We’re not supposed to like the Rangers. But we just can’t help ourselves.  There is a disproportional amount of foxy on that team.

Secondly, and the most eggregious violation of them all is out of those three, NONE of those have been Henrik Lundqvist.

5-minute major to us. We go to the box. We feel shame.

We’re sorry, Henrik.  Really, we are.  We still love you.  Can you forgive us?  Remember that time that I made you smile?  You know the one….

Oh, all right. I guess so.

Seriously, we’re super sorry.  Just chalk it up to us talking about you all the time anyway that I just assumed that we’d already honored you and your glorious face/hair/smile/dimples/talent/suits.

So make it up hunka hunka burnin’ Hank and show him how much we care, I’m going to make this an extra special Foxy Friday.

We all know the reasons that HL30 is foxy – awesome hockey player, pretty good guitar player, Swedish, lover of lingonberriers, etc etc – but seriously…just look at him.

Go ahead.

We’ll wait….

Doesn’t he just make you feel so fluffy and happy?


Look at him. How is that even fair?

Real men wear purple.

Swedish James Bond

His other job - wearing a suit. Like a boss.

I'm totally moving to Sweden.

And to sum it all up…


Happy Foxy Friday everyone!  

Or as they say in Sweden – Lycklig Foxy Fredag!

Okay. I forgive you.
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  1. Kitkat Reply

    Sweden needs to stop cornering the market on foxy hockey players, there is no competition and its just plain NOT FAIR! 🙂

    • They have a total monopoly right now. It’s so unfair.
      But I’m not displease with this. They keep making ’em foxy, I’ll keep lovin’ them.

  2. raedanda Reply

    That. Gif.


    Seriously, move along because I. Am. Dead.

    • RIP raedanda.

      Wait…am I going to be charged with murder?

      I would not do well in prison.

  3. scarlett Reply

    Sweden is God’s country.

    Chuck, it’s official – we’re moving to Sweden.

    • Our simultaneous crazy was at it again…

  5. Prefect man is perfect! Holeeeee Bajeebus! And blessings unto Bajeebus that King Hank is a goalie and he keeps all that handsome on lockdown behind a giant mask. Seriously, as much as I love ridonk handsome hockey menz, they make me so NERVOUS. There is not enough time in the day for all the “NOT THE FACE” prayer circles. DAN GIRARDI DOESN’T EVEN WEAR A VISOR.

    Speaking of Dan Girardi, it would be criminal not to make him a future Foxy Friday. HBO has made it impossible to hate on them. IMPOSSIBLE. (Disclaimer: prior to 24/7, they weren’t even on my radar. All I knew is that they had a Staal. Blame my west-coastness). As you say, there is a disproportional amount of foxy on this team. Even Hawks beat reporter Tracy Myers, who is always a total pro and not a puck bunny in disguise (*cough why is Alyonka a thing cough*), allowed herself to fangirl Lundqvist at the ASG. And even men fangirl the NYR! To quote my straight, male co-worker: “Henrik Lundqvist could be a model! Dan Girardi? CRAZY CHISELED FACE.”

    In summary, I <3 foxiness.

    • DITTO and WORD to everything you just said. It was exactly what I was thinking. As a Sharks fan, I cannot believe I’m now both a Rangers and a Lundqvist fangirl. But it is impossible to resist their tractorbeam….

    • Not to worry – Dan is on our list. Even my quasi-hockey fan of a roommate is all “DAHUM!” when DG popped up on the screen during 24/7.

  6. He’s not even trying! The face/hair/smile/dimples/talent/suits just happen, like when planets align to shift the magnetic poles and plunge the Earth into a darkness that extinguishes the light that is Sweden from our lives.

    When Daniel Craig hangs up the double-ohs, I’m voting Lundqvist for James Bond.

  7. The Rangers really are the prettiest team in the NHL. Lundqvist, Boyle, Callahan, Hagelin have already graced Foxy Friday. Girardi and Del Zotto should be on the list for Future Foxy Fridays. But the one who really needs to be a Future Foxy Friday is Stu Bickel. It is unfortunate that Stu wasn’t seen much on 24/7, or ya’ll would be on the band wagon already. Bickel looks like he stepped out of an A&F ad and on to the ice. I got to meet him after the game last night and I have not been that fan girl over a player since I met Lundqvist. And the cutest thing was when he dropped his 6’4″ frame down to his knee to take a picture with a young fan. Bickel left an ocean of fan girl puddles in his wake.

  8. True story. First thought to pop into my mind once I heard the Rangers would be on 24/7 was ‘oh, good, Alexander Skarsgard can take a break from being the hot swede on HBO.’ Seriously, what is in the water in that country?

    • Kitkat Reply

      I’m ready to start my “moving to Sweden” fund….

  9. @Lorelei6903 Reply

    Some people just have it all! Looks, athletic ability, personality. I haven’t seen most of these pics, so thanks for posting:) He needs to do an underwear commercial like David Beckham’s huh?!?

  10. When Ginger Hartnell ran into Hank today while he was in goal, I was screaming at the tv, “Stay away from TEH PRETTEH!”

    I mean, it’s unreal. AND he has a twin, who plays hockey in Sweden. YES THERE ARE TWO. Though somehow Joel isn’t as PRETTEH. But PRETTEH enough.

    I’m am convinced that 1,000 years ago, they drowned all the ugly babies at birth in Sweden, and genetically only the gorgeous survived and evolved.

    Excellent choice today, Chuck. And loved the gif. I think he forgives 😉


      Swedish Twins Math:

      Lundqvist Twins >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> (infinity) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> (double infinity) >>>>>>>>>> Sedin Twins

      • Yea. His twin Joel Lundqvist plays professional hockey in Sweden.

    • Hank and I totally hugged it out. All is forgiven.

  11. I have been calling Hank our HSG… Handsome Swedish Goaltender. Yeah, we got lots of talent on the Rangers. I’m a lucky gal.

  12. Anonymous Reply

    Hot Hot Hot!!!!

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