Henrik Lundqvist Loves Me

Tweets of the day…

I made Henrik Lundqvist giggle.  For serious.

I might have even made him blush.

He’s totally in love with me.

I heart you, Chuck. Let's run away together. I'll get my overnight bag.

God, he’s attractive.

Killing us with those dimples.

And the hair…


Watch full video here – http://yfrog.com/0iu43z


And then Pants and I have this conversation after she refers to HL30 as “a classy man-boy”

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  1. I told my husband about WUYS’ Tweet this morning and he’s like, “Do you think Henrik will answer it?”

    AMAZING. This totally makes my day! That and the knowledge that JToews is in NYC for media tour appearances! http://lockerz.com/s/136886859

    Is. It. October. Yet?

  2. Has no one asked him this before? In his whole life?!

    Also, how on earth was he born in 1982? Not that he looks older than 29 but holy crap, that is one classy man-boy.

  3. That is UH-MAZE-ING!!!

  4. Cya Reply

    He’s the Don Draper of the NHL.

    • Forget the hair. That SUIT? Amazing. He deserves an ovation for his dressing skills.

      • Yes, the suit is fierce. Boys in well cut suits are just….rarrrr…

    • Marcy Reply

      And also the smile, and just enough accent to make me giggle.

    • Josephine Reply

      yes!!!! Great comparison!

  5. AYF Reply

    Was reading this while eating lunch. Think I choked on my pickle.

  6. Dawn Cherrie Reply

    I love how they didn’t include SIEVE to a GOALIE … hahahahah! Now that would have made him really laugh. All we got was WHAT’S UP? really? they couldn’t include SEIVE? That’s the whole point. Oh well. A good shampoo huh? it doesn’t work for me. I still look like a qu-tip when I walk outside in the morning Henrik. Perhaps you need to come over and give me some pointers.

    • Carter Reply

      … naked.

  7. Hold the phone… 29?!? Only?!? He looks way older. Not in a bad way. In a handsomest-man-in-the-world-Jon-Hamm kind of way. So, not older… ageless? Like Patrick Sharp…


    I don’t have flash or sound on my work computer. And I am now just realizing why…. I would get nothing done. Nothing. Instead I will go home and get nothing done while I catch up on all the videos 😛

    • I just laughed for 10 minutes at “HE IS HANDSOME YEARS-OLD.”

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