Happy Halloween from the Boston Bruins!

Zdeno Chara, Brad Marchand, Adam “Darth Quaider” McQuiad, and Jordan Caron visited sick kids at Children’s Hospital in Boston yesterday.

They wore this.

Chara + giant pink bunny costume = amazeballs. We laugh for days and days and days.

Sorta reminds us of A Christmas Story.

You look like a pink nightmare.

Kudos to Big Z and the other guys for not taking themselves so seriously and for taking the time out of their day to look a little ridiculous and cheer up some sick kids.

What we want to know is – where did they find a pink bunny costume big enough for Chara?  Pretty sure iParty doesn’t carry costumes in XXXTall.  Think his wife made it?  Or did he just show up at the event and the Bruins PR staff is like “Here.  You’re wearing this.  It’s all we could find to fit.  Go forth and bring merriment to kids with cancer.”

Sidenotes about these photos —

Caron’s arms are nice.  We want to touch.

McQuaid’s hair is ridiculous, but we kinda love it any way.  We are slightly disappointed, however that he didn’t dress up as Darth Vader for Halloween.  That would have made our lives.

Thanks to @alisonsykora for sharing the link.

Photos fron www.nesn.com

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  1. Chara gets naked for ESPN Magazine, then Kesler does it. Well what’s RyRy gonna wear for Halloween next year to follow in these foot (um, paw?) prints?

    • Panda.
      He’s going to dress as a panda.

  2. Chuck, was this your retaliation for us killing Pants with Nealmobile pictures? Cause I’m pretty sure Bunny Chara is the exact opposite of James Neal.

    BRB, going to go check my closets and under my bed for terrifying, giant pink rabbits

    Oh, and stop trying to make me like the Bruins! They’re actually sort of endearing.

    • Yeeeah…Chara vs. Neal…not so much. Both excellent hockey players but one decidedly more attractive than the other.

      You gotta like the Bruins! STANLEY CUP CHAMPS! They might not be as GQ as the Hawks or Pens, but they have their own special charm.

      And how can you NOT love Tim Thomas?!

  3. “What we want to know is – where did they find a pink bunny costume big enough for Chara?”

    His aunt Clara made it. He only has to wear it when she comes to visit.

  4. Scarlett Reply

    All I can say is WOW

  5. Is Marchand dressed as Prince Eric?! *faints*

    • Right? It’s kinda doing it for me too 😛 Between that and last Halloween when he talked Twilight with the 13 year old girl, he’s kinda precious.

  6. Lulu Reply

    Someone forgot to tell the bunny not to wear black undergarments. Don’t you hate those panty lines?

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