This Isn't Where I Parked My Car

Ryan Kesler in ESPN Magazine’s annual “The Body” issue.

You know the part in National Treasure when they light the little pool of oil and it spreads 10,000 feet of fire and illuminates a gazillion dollars in gold and stuff?  That’s what happened to the internet when this picture was posted.  You’re gonna have to wait a bit for the wallpaper-size version.

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  1. I may have just died. Seriously.

    Is the mag officially out yet?! I’ve been looking and havent seen it…

    • It’s dated 10/7 and I haven’t gotten it in the mail yet, but I did see a picture someone took of a copy open to this page. Obviously. So it’s out there somewhere…

  2. And my computer screen has burst into flames…

  3. MelTing Reply

    Oh wait, I think I just found Tazer’s missing moles.

    • RIGHT?! If they were going to photoshop it SO HARD (seriously ladies, he is a fit man, but I saw that all up close at the pool in Vegas and he was… disappointing. Skinny legs. They should have picked Nick Lidstrom instead. Now THERE is a man who looked FANTASTIC poolside. And I am definitely NOT one for the older gentlemen, but I gotta give props where props are due).

      What was I saying? Oh right, photoshop. They obviously left the birthmarks to make it look NOT photoshopped, but they’re kinda just weirding me out.

      • Seriously Pissed Reply

        I’m with you. I think they altered this photo so much that I’m having a hard time enjoying it. He looks airbrushed.

  4. 2409unb-2kdf;12$^@@E@$!!)_%^KGMSLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And that’s all I have to say about that