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It’s time to predict the eventual winners for the 2011-2012 season, so we can look smart and important when spring rolls around.  Or not.  Last year we all picked some combo of the Caps, Blackhawks, Canucks and Penguins [link].  That 25% result is less than the chance that Intern Jeff Skinner’s going to take you to the prom.  So here we go again:


Eastern Conference Finals: Bruins vs. Capitals

Eastern Conference Champs: Bruins

Western Conference Finals: Canucks vs. Kings

Western Conference Champs: Kings

Stanley Cup Champs: Bruins

We all know that repeating as champs is nigh impossible though in the NHL these days, but the Bruins only lost two players to free agency (Kaberle & Ryder) and 1 to retirement (Recchi).  The heart and soul of the Bruins are still here.  Bruins have arguably the best and deepest set of forwards in the game and can get production from all 4 lines.  Plus, let’s not forget that you have Tuukka Rask, a top-notch goalie in his own right, backing up Thomas.

Kings are my dark horse team.  After picking up Mike Richards and Simon Gagne and resigning Drew Doughty, the Kings look to be a serious contender in the Western Conference. They have good young netminder in Jonathan Quick and if Gagne and Anze Kopitar can stay healthy, they could be the team to watch.


Eastern Conference finals: Penguins vs. Capitals

Eastern Conference Champs: Penguins

Western Conference finals: Canucks vs. Sharks

Western Conference Champs: Canucks

Stanley Cup Champs: Penguins

Like everyone else, I think the Capitals will be a force to reckon with this season.  It’s (mostly) selfish hope that they will carry it all the way into the playoffs, so I can have the longest hockey season ever.  But I think the Pens will be strong early with Malkin and Staal in, and maybe James Neal will get his scoring touch back.  The Return of Crosby will be like Willy Wonka somersaulting down the orange carpet to greet his lucky minions at the gate.  Chocolate Stanley Cups for everyone!

Much like the Caps, I think the Sharks are long overdue for a dominating post-season performance.  They’ve won their division the last four years in a row and made it to the Conference finals the last two years.  Ultimately I don’t see them beating Vancouver, but I think they can do better than last May’s 4-1 failfest.

So, let’s hear it – who are your picks to have a great 2011-2012?  Feel free to shamelessly back your favorite teams – we obviously have.  Don’t hate us because they’re awesome.


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  1. I think another team to watch in the West is Nashville. They gave it a good little run last year and are probably hungry for more…

  2. OK, here comes the newbie. 😀

    Let me say this first: this will be the first full NHL season I will be able to watch via Center Ice *woohoo*, so that’s already my excuse if my predictions are totally wrong. 😀

    Eastern Conference Finals: Buffalo vs. Boston/Washington (can’t really decide on one)

    Eastern Conference Champs: Buffalo

    Western Conference Finals: Vancouver vs. Chicago (wouldn’t that be awesome?)

    Western Conference Champs: Chicago

    Stanley Cup Champs: Buffalo

    The Sabres seem to have a pretty good team. Ennis and Myers impressed me pretty much when they played against Mannheim, Ehrhoff is definately a good addition and then they have Miller in the net. I will keep my fingers crossed for them. 😉
    Like Chuck already pointed out the Bruins only lost 2 Players, so how far they will get will in my opinion mostly depend on if they have this “Stanley Cup Hangover” and of course whether or not they stay healthy. When it comes to Washington it will be interesting if the signing of Vokoun pays out (they already have a good team after all).

    Although Vancouver is my favorite team, I don’t think they will get as far as they got last season. Sure they have the Sedins, Kes, Burrows, Bieksa, … but somehow I have the feeling they won’t make it to the finals (but I wouldn’t mind if I were completely wrong ;)).
    And then there are the Blackhawks. Just looking at the roster made me think “OK, this could work”. I really like their playing style and enjoyed all the games I watched so far from the Hawks. So I would be happy if either one of the two would win the Western Conference.

    • We are glad to have you!! If Buffalo wins, I will do the Upstate NY dance (when I stop crying about my teams). Said dance is pale and unpretty, but all the locals know it.

      • Thank you very much!
        And you have to show me that dance, so I’m prepared for next June. 🙂

  3. Pantsunami… first you rock the red over Kaner at the game on Sunday, now your beloved Blackhawks are nowhere to be found in your standings? I’m staging an intervention, complete with Jonathan Toews clad doing endless amounts of pushups in your living room, Seabs lecturing you on proper shampoo and conditioner application in your shower, and Niklas Hjalmarsson teaching you the proper way to prepare “Swedish meatballs” in your kitchen. Naked.

    • Hahahahahaha. This might be worth it. Can I get some squats?! I love the Hawks, but I don’t think this is their year. But everyone I picked last year didn’t make it, so perhaps it’s just reverse psychology.

  4. Oh dear… and this may just be wishful thinking, but here goes:

    Eastern Conference Finals: Penguins vs. Lightning
    Eastern Conference Champs: Penguins
    Western Conference Finals: Blackhawks vs. Predators
    Western Conference Champs: Blackhawks
    Stanley Cup Champs: Penguins

    EA sports agrees with me, at least on the finals. But I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.