He's Just Not That Into You

There was panic in loveland when Patrick Kane moved his locker stall from next to Toews’ to across the room.  Aw, did somebody stay out too late and have to sleep on the couch?  You know Kaner drinks right from the OJ carton too.  Tazer hates that!

"Girls have cooties. Yes, all girls. Always."

Okay, I had a whole post going in my head but I can’t find the picture I wanted.  Until I came across this and everything ended.

Anyway, PK moved away from JT because there’s no room for the media to bask their individual awesomeness when they’re right next to each other.  He left Tazer a Post-It Note explaining the trail separation and Jon filed it in his coupon keeper. Errrrbody relax.

Hey, look who plays tonight!  Good thing I ordered the NHL Network while sitting in traffic this morning.

Jordan thinks this post makes my loyalties unclear.

As always, GO PENS.

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  1. You poor soul, you don’t get the NHL Network with your regular cable? (Note that I assume you have cable, because living without Versus and the Cooking Channel is simply unthinkable.)

    • No NHL Network on basic Comcast. We do have 250 channels of nothing to watch, though. And Versus. Why doesn’t NHL Network come with NHL Center Ice, though? That seems stupid.

  2. Cassy Reply

    It’s to get more money out of you.

    Getting excited about hockey. Almost as exciting as neurosurgery. Ok, that was a LIE. I have found two hockey fans in my department in the UK. Strangely, the Canadian dr is NOT a fan, so she should have her citizenship revoked IMMEDIATELY.

    And. As always, I envy you your cable choices and time zone. I will be waiting to see what ESPN America deigns to show us Brits. Better be Bruins. And Pens. With some Laich, Talbot & Greener 😀 Happy Cassy!

  3. Toews totally stole that post-it note from my desk. I knew I wasn’t crazy!
    That’s the best caption photo of Tazer ever. Hands down.

    I’m really actually very sad they’re not togethersies anymore. Will they still hang out and bromance together? Because you know bromance is more than just a noun, it’s a way of life.

  4. ‘Kill it with fire”