We said COME IN!

The rest of the Pens also participated in season ticket delivery – but none appear to have eaten a cookie.  If only they’d known Crosby said it was okay!

Check out Jordan’s goober wave as he approaches the first house. [link]

And the tween girls who get their picture with him.  Their lives just peaked.

Flower was out delivering tickets too.  Check out this kid – he knows exactly how you feel! [link]

We would have asked him to spin like a ballerina.

Geno barely fits through the door on most normal houses [link].  And those sunglasses merit a post of their own.

That’s it for videos, but there are photos [link].  This one resulted in someone screaming, “James Neal come to my house!!!”  Really, I have no idea who it was.

And this girl is our hero.  She is *barely* holding it together.

Keep holding out for next season, everyone.  Cookies at the ready.

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  1. Letang Girl is my hero.

  2. Carter Reply

    That’s just a picture, a moment in time. Twenty bucks said when he walked back out her front door, she regained her sanity (I didn’t stutter) and jumped him. Producers had to restrain her before she broke something dry humping his leg.

  3. I am jealous of the grandmas who get to cuddle up to Jordan and Geno.
    This is a new low…

  4. Cassy Reply

    Tanger girl felt the same “emotion” I had when I met Bergy.

    Took 6 months to regain my sanity if his name was mentioned.

    And glad to see the boys are continuing Mac’s great works and mission amongst female hockey parishioners of the world!

  5. This is the best tradition in the league – love it. Gronk is so adorable – especially that he doesn’t know how old his mom is. What?

  6. Dawncherrie Reply

    If only the letang work out promo music was playing to this… It looks like he even washed his hair for this!

  7. I showed my mom these videos yesterday and she said, “What would you do if Geno showed up at the house?” Just the thought of it happening to me made my eyes water. I would contemplate slipping a date-rape drug into his water, but ultimately, I would stand there in silence until he left. Then, I would cry.

    • HA! First the thought of Loopy Geno makes me crack up. Imagine how many roofies it would take to knock him out?

  8. Maura Reply

    Loved Sid’s because…well…he’s Sid, and Jordan, the polite Canadian blondie, but Geno’s took the cake. Talking to the cat = laughing my butt off.

    Dude: ‘How’s Sid?’
    Geno: “Sid good. He’s play. Skate too, this morning! He fast… After me.’

    😉 I love that crazy Russian boy.