Sign Already – Damn it! I Command You!

Ok – so MelTing sent me this last week and I have been ‘in dispose’ as of late. Sorry sweet Mel – partner in DDTBG crime.

You won't be smiling from the sidelines....

But it doesn’t change two facts: ONE: Drew Doughty STILL hasn’t signed with the LA KINGS and TWO: it’s true that SOME HOW he got hotter over the summer. I don’t know how he did it. Maybe he’s been working out with Kris Letang. But Sweet Baby Jesus on a glazed donut with spinklies – he is looking toned, taut and super duper tasty lately – ladies.

But no matter how hot lookin’ he may be, if he doesn’t have a hockey contract, it won’t be doin’ him no good come October. So by the power of Grey Stoke, I command you Drew Doughty – SIGN ALREADY! You may say it’s not up to you but I don’t think it’s your managers playing hockey the last time I watched so make like Nike and DO IT. You’ve done the work now pick up the pen and sign on the dotted line and put a pretty X for your name. I wanna see some action in October from that nice hockey butt you’ve worked on, some jacked up hits I know you’ve got in you and some sweet yammerin’ from those lips.

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  1. Deanna Reply

    I’m feeling the same way about Luke Schenn. I can’t handle the waiting!

  2. I see you in my mind’s eye, Dawn, performing this rant like a dramatic reading. When are you coming to see me? I keep going where Ovi is in hopes you’ll visit…

  3. dawncherrie Reply

    He is holding out for more donuts and he’s simply not going to get them from LA! I heart him but he’s no Shea Weber. sorry. Maybe in a few years. He needs some more experience and someone needs to bring him down to planet earth and have a little chat about REALITY!

    I want to come but $$$ and something else. We can chat off line. 🙂

  4. MelTing Reply

    How are things in Dispose these days? I’m in Montreal, it’s hot and I haven’t even seen Kris Letang yet.

    But, speaking of tall, dark and hunky d-men…I think DD should hold out for the money he wants, I’m pretty sure that the numbers aren’t far apart, but Dean Lombardi is all young-man-you’re-not-getting-your-allowance-until-you’ve-done-your-chores. Franchise defensemen only come around once in a lifetime, why piss them off and risk losing them? I know I’m biased, but I hate when GM’s use the media to put the screws on the players, and there have been lots of negative rumours this summer.

    On to more important stuff, DD looks great and I’m sure he’s going to sign before the regular season and have an amazing year.

  5. Dawncherrie Reply

    Oh you sweet eternal optimist. that’s why i love you!