I Swear We Were All Accounted For.

A Canucks fan flashed Ben Eager last night while he was sitting in the penalty box and this time it wasn’t the green guys! The Versus feed didn’t catch it.

God bless Canada because if you were watching the CBC feed, you got it live and not memorex baby! Those puppies were pressed to the glass and Ben took his time looking too! She was wearing a Henrik Sedin jersey so the irony is even greater!

But didn’t Pants say she was ‘traveling for work’ … hum ….

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  1. Right, like I would EVER wear a Sedin jersey.

  2. dawncherrie Reply

    But I heard you had to delete your facebook account and asked that your face be blurred out! Hurry back across the border before they track you down sister! The secret is out … sorry!

  3. The press asked Sedin about it and he said, “It wasn’t my wife.” Oh my, I almost liked him there for a second.